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Zac Efron bred a beard, and you can do it here

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Steven Ferdman

Zac Efron lives his best life: The new 31-year-old actor has recently posted a photo on Instagram he rides in a T-shirt on a hilltop in Costa Rica, which is thought to have been design just to make his arms look swollen, but none of this is why the photo is still more than 3 The photo broke the internet because of his beard.

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The decision to grow a beard and the collective gasps of millions of fans worldwide triggered a new Efron edition : Adult Beards may be a sign of lifestyle change and, according to Barber Matty Conrad, "have always been symbols of strength, wisdom and masculinity." They are also a vehicle of personal expression, meaning that all this is one way one could say to the world that if he wants to grow a beard he will have a damn beard.

What sets a good beard apart from a big beard, like EfronBeard ™, is the shape: it should accentuate the chin line and make it look square. And while a man's ability to grow a beard (and how thick that beard is) depends to a large extent on genetics, there are simple steps anyone can take to ensure that the beard on which he grows is on Efron level. Whether you are growing it for the first time or want to refresh existing facial follicles, we have asked Conrad to set the guidelines.


No kidding? Yes. However, if you have ever tried to breed a beard (and failed), you know that this step is not as easy as it sounds. Conrad says you should not shave for about two months. Most guys have problems, patience and dealing with the unpleasant sensations that a new beard can bring with this first hurdle. Do not be discouraged. "Even people whose beards look short when they are short can get fatter if they have the chance to get longer," he says.

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When a new beard grows out, the face of each face becomes rounder. Many people give up because they think their faces look stuffy. "Beard shape really runs on three lines," says Conrad. "The upper line along the cheek from the sideburns to the mouth, the baseline at the neck from the corners of the jaw to the Adam's apple and the lip line. One of the easiest ways to move through the early stages is to make sure your base line is clean, so you do not have a lot of hair growing around your neck. "Using a trimmer, remove all hairs visible under your chin when looking straight ahead in a mirror. It's the best way to keep your jaw defined.

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Another reason many men give up beard growth is that it is just damned uncomfortable. "Hair on the face is firmer and curvy than hair on the head," says Conrad. "Beard oils are leave-in conditioners that smooth the hair, moisturize the underlying skin and soften everything, thereby relieving itchiness, even on short hair." He recommends using only beard oils containing argan oil, grapeseed oil and jojoba oil because they have smaller molecules that penetrate hair and skin faster and leave no shine. Stay away from synthetic fragrances or cream-based products that can clog pores.

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"To promote growth and maintain thickness, do not use a beard comb that strains hair too much," says Conrad. "Use a flat brush with natural bristles, such as a beard brush or a hairdressing brush. It stimulates blood circulation around the follicles, which means healthier, brighter, thicker hair, and helps to distribute the natural oils to keep the beard in good condition. "Brushes also help to cleanse the underlying skin without the use of hard, drying scrubs. "If you regularly use a good oil and a brush, the skin will be moisturised and healthy, and your skin will not be shed with hard ingredients," he says.

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If your beard is a bit long but still relatively short (around the two-month mark), you can use a styling product such as a balm. "A balm is like a light pomade," says Conrad. "It is meant to hold down some of the flyaways and help you steer the shape in the desired direction." While beard oils keep the hair healthy, balm turns all about style and form, which is important as beard grows out Stiffer products such as waxes provide more control, but are better used on unruly mustache hairs than the full beard.

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Once you've reached about a centimeter of growth (which can take about two to three months for most men), go to a barber shop to get your first shape. Do not try to do this at home. "The goal of this period is to create the shape of your beard that should be on the square side," says Conrad. "It's best to seek professional advice that fits your face shape and bone structure, especially the first time." Your hairdresser should rejuvenate by narrowing the cheeks and leaving the hair longer around the mouth and chin. You can also connect the beard with your sideburns so that it looks natural. Sound complicated? Therefore, a trained (and objective) barber should be the one to do it.


This does not mean that the barber is the only person who should ever touch your beard. A good beard should take about three months and should stay at home. This is where a trimmer comes into play. "The job of a trimmer is to create beautiful, clean lines," says Conrad. "They are not for cutting the beard. Let yourself be occupied by a professional with the interior, and you can deal with the contour. "Many trimmers come with guards that can be trimmed in different lengths, but Conrad says he should not use them. They are best for keeping stubble, not for real beards. Cutting flyaways and stray hair is different. Brush your beard to the desired shape and style it with a pair of scissors to finely slice strays. Be careful not to go overboard. "It's crazy how many people lose weight when trying to cut their beards themselves," warns Conrad.

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If all of this looks like something as easy-care as a beard, do not be discouraged. "The longer your beard gets, the less maintenance it is," says Conrad. "In the first few months, the beard is in its most maintenance-rich phase. After a while, the shape and the daily maintenance must be maintained.

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