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YouTuber Rawvana apologizes to fans after she has caught fish

"I do not think there will ever be a perfect time for this video." YouTuber Yovana Mendoza Ayres (also known as "Rawvana") starts with the video above. "I was definitely not ready to talk about this." Raw Vegan Vlogger, 28, published the apology after appearing in another YouTuber video last week when she caught fish, Buzzfeed News reports.

The 33-minute video explains that Rawvana was forced by "Emergency [measures]" to reintegrate eggs and fish into their diet after six years of strict vegans. She said her doctors insisted that she did so after being out of period for about two years, turning out to be premenopausal, and later developing SIBO (bacterial small intestine overgrowth).

"I am so very sorry How the news told you how to find out," said Rawvana. "I know so many of you, you trust me, you listen to me, and you probably feel cheated and lied to, and you have the right to feel that. And I beg your pardon, I'm human. She also said she had planned to share the news of her new diet mandates with her more than 2 million YouTube followers, but she did not feel ready or strong enough to do it.

"I still find it out," she concluded. "I would not sit in front of the camera and tell you," Oh, I've been eating eggs and fish in the last two months and everything is better, everything is fine and the plant-based diet does not matter. "t work." "She also noted that she would like to switch back to a raw vegan diet soon (and if so) if that gets well for her.

Her followers continue to rave about the" delusion "in the comments with Complaints from "This video screams, I've been caught, so I have to do that", "LOL", there's nothing wrong with eating … the problem is the scam, the deception, the fake news, the alternate facts .. The lies !!! They are morally bankrupt. "

The video for the apology is on Thursday at around 400,000.

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