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Your ultimate guide to Ireland

Everything you have heard about Ireland is true: the happy people, the lively pubs, the swirling music and the breathtaking beauty. Remember how the Irish poet W.B. Yeats said, "There are no strangers here. Only friends you have not met yet. "

There's literally something for everyone on Emerald Island. History buffs will love the famed 17th century castles, gourmets can enjoy the huge culinary scene, and adventure seekers can embark on exciting ocean walks.

There is no wrong season to visit Ireland – the beauty and cultural offers are plentiful all year long. From Dublin, we set off to explore some of the island's hidden treasures, heading north to Belfast, before reaching the breathtaking regions of north and northwest Ireland. This route included items on the bucket list as well as lesser-known attractions for an unforgettable trip to Ireland. So pack your bags and let our ultimate leader show you the way.


Ashford Castle

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Jay Kolsch

Located on the edge of the calm waters of Lough Corrib, Cong Ashford Castle has its guests looking back centuries and was restored to its former glory some years ago.

Ashford's friendly staff invites you to participate in many aristocratic ventures: riding horses, along the Cong River go fishing for salmon, hunt with the hotel's proud Harris Hawks and do a round of golf or shooting for clay pigeons with bespoke shotguns.

Stay in the castle

Finn Lough


Jay Kolsch [19659008] Fermana gh is Ireland's Lake District, known for its waterways and marble caves. Book a stay in one of the seven domes of Finn Lough Resort in Enniskillen, to experience the beauty of the city in a unique way.

The modern pods are surrounded by the tranquility and beauty of nature, blending local and Scandinavian design. Each room offers the comfort of a boutique hotel with 180 transparent walls. At night you have an incomparable view of the stars.

Book Bubble Dome

Fan Head Lighthouse

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<p class= Located in Donegal's Gaeltacht, one of Ireland's is Few places where traditional Irish (Gaelic) is spoken The Fanad Head Lighthouse is located on one of the roughest shores of the Atlantic Ocean.

The trip is well worth it, especially as you can actually stay there, there are three guesthouses with limited availability above the vast ocean landscape.

stay in the lighthouse

worth seeing

grianan of aileach

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Standing here and looking outward means standing in the footsteps of the ancient Irish kings. You can almost feel the weight of time in the stones and in the country.

Visit Fort

Dunluce Castle

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Dunluce Castle was founded in the 16th century by a Scottish warrior clan conquered and is another must on the Causeway Coastal Route against British and Irish Lords.

Explore the castle

Kylemore Abbey

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<p class= Stroll along the nearby lakeshore and through the woods to find your inner peace in the wilderness of the far west of Ireland. Afterwards, discover the newly opened "Generation to Generation: The History of Kylemore" Visitor Experience, where you can learn more about the Victorian interiors, characters and stories of the Abbey of yore.

Visit the Abbey

What to do

Westport Town

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<p class= Westport is perfectly located on the Wild Atlantic Way in Ireland, and everything in the city itself is authentic and genuine From cozy little pubs to charming places to stay, at festivals, on Westport is always a good starting point for excursions, whether you travel to the holy mountain of Croagh Patrick or ride a bike. Route around Achill Island.

Explore Westport Town

Magee 1866 Donegal Tweed


Jay Kolsch

Formerly known for his durable tweed, Magee was founded in 1866 and manufactures handwoven tweed that has stood the test of time – the tweed is indeed still a long-lasting product, but today it is far more sophisticated and fashionable than the original material of the 19th century.

However, Magee is still very traditional methods, including washing raw materials in the peaty waters of the River Eske. It's the perfect souvenir of your ultimate Ireland vacation.

Buy Tweed


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<h3 class= Tour Bushmills

The Gobbins

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<p class= A short drive from Belfast, the Gobbins Cliff Path is one of the first stations along the 120 miles long n Causeway Coastal Route, which is surrounded by breathtaking scenery that surrounds the shores of County Antrim. On this centuries-old footpath visitors can drive between basalt cliffs and the crashing ocean to experience a unique experience. Watch out for cormorants diving for the fish that circle under your feet.

Visit the Cliffs


Cian & # 39; s on Bridge Street


Jay Kolsch 19659008] Cian & # 39; s, a gem in Westport, is also named after its owner, chef Cian Hayes. The space is small and modern, with friendly staff and excellent food, and was voted the best restaurant in the area this spring by the Irish Restaurant Awards.

Combine seafood like hake fillet with chorizo ​​or monkfish on dahl curry and cauliflower with a pint of Ireland's growing craft beer scene. Be sure to try a mescan blonde that's a local favorite.

Reserve a table

The happy duck

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The Lucky Duck is a Victorian, but contemporary A favorite with younger Dubliners, think of unique cocktails and brioche rather than Guinness and Plowman lunches.

Upstairs is the Digges room, which is great for a quiet bite and good conversation It is the ideal oasis for a short break from the hustle and bustle of Dublin.

Reserve a table

St George's Market

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<p class= The St. George's Weekend Market is located in a Victorian building in Belfast dating back to the late 19th century for hundreds of years – in particular the Friday market has been on the grounds since 1604.

Taste fresh local produce from all over Northern Ireland, listen to local live music or enjoy a coffee The most vibrant and colorful destinations Belfast has to offer.

Explore the Market


Deer Head

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Deer Head

Located on Das Stag & # 39; s Head is located on the corner of Dame Court and Dame Lane in Dublin and is characterized by traditional music and a classic look.It is usually full of people, so pay attention to your elbows so you will not get another beer (and a beer is what the stag head does best).

Order a Guinness and decide for yourself whether Stout really tastes better in Ireland.

Get a pint at Stag's. s Head

Matt Molloy's Pub

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It does not get much better than the pub owner himself gets up to join the band, and every weekend owner Matt Malloy leads a traditional jam session In his colorful pub in Westport, Mayo.

Join in, if you know the words, and make friends for life when "The Parting Glass" plays.

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