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Your New Year's resolution should be to try something new that scares you

Photo: Instagram / jacquelineadan44 [19659003] Jacqueline Adan's unbelievably impressive 350-kilogram weight-loss journey has inspired thousands of people in recent years, and Adan has learned how the way Everyone is different to health and how weight loss does not work magic. You are happy, and now she is here to remind everyone how important it is to overcome your fears head-on.

Recently she took Instagram to tell her something that helped her get on her journey: pushing herself out of her comfort Zone: To explain, she shared a video with herself and said: "My gym has a boxing course and it took me ages to try it out … now … watch out." (Connected: Why does Jen Widerstrom think you should say something you would never do)?

"I'm constantly being asked, when and how do I start when I want to start training?" "She continued." My best advice is to just start, start where you are. Do what you can, find something you love, and never give up. "(Find out what happened when the editors of Shape changed their training sessions for a month.)

Adan could not be more right, new and creepy – whether it's a new workout you've always wanted to try, or go to the gym for the first time in months or years. For beginners there are so many benefits to the body and mind to try something new new things that you are trying to conquer, that will make you feel more capable, confident and awkward. And who does not want to feel like a madman?

If you rise to the challenge, "Every day you will become stronger," Adan says, "Every day your body will be able to do new things that you never thought you could do." Day you love yourself, drive yourself and do what is best for you … then the power grows in you and your inner confidence will shine through. "

So when you go to the New Year, think about yours Goals and resolutions, remember: "It's never about what you can not do, it's always about what you can do," writes Adan. "So go out, kick your butt and know you're so much stronger than you think." are. "

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