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Your biggest bike questions are answered by A & # 39; qto Cycling

Traveling overseas for a cycling holiday is often a big undertaking and requires a lot of preparation before you can set off.

The Australian provider A & # 39; qto Cycling makes it easier for you to travel on set schedules Through places in Italy, few tourists have been in untouched, hidden treasures just waiting to be explored by bike time, the rustic Italian To enjoy cuisine and culture.

Here are the most common questions that have been answered by the experts of A & # 39; qto Cycling. [194559005]

What kind of fitness base do I need?

You do not have to be an elite athlete to do a bike ride, but a solid basic condition is required. In some cases, you will have to drive over 50 km, steep climbs, and winding country roads for 8 days every day ̵

1; all designed to challenge your direct abilities.

a The team at A & # 39; qto Cycling recommends training at least 4-5 times a week to prepare in advance. It is also recommended to have long stretches on the road and similar elevation levels as on the tour.

What happens if I can not keep up with the group?

These tours are challenging, but it is not uncommon for drivers to recover or to spend a day in the background of the group with the assistance of a driver. All tours are equipped with a support vehicle, with which the driver can settle if necessary.

This vehicle also provides medical assistance and first aid assistance to drivers as well as bicycle repairs. [194559005]

Do I need my own bike?

This decision is entirely up to you. For some, the comfort and reliability of their own bicycle justifies the expense and additional baggage requirements for overseas shipping. For others, A & # 39; qto Cycling arranges the hire or purchase of a high-end model in Italy as well as full support to keep you up to date.

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What other equipment do I need?

All tours include two riding guides who daily assist the group and often carry equipment such as spare hoses and tools. The support vehicle always follows behind the group, with additional tools to help the drivers when needed.

Ultimately, you can bring as little or as much gear as you want. However, with most available on the tour, less is more when traveling overseas with equipment.

What else is going on next to cycling during the tour?

While these tours are demanding, this is not a professional race or boot camp for athletic preparation.

Much of our Journey is Relaxing When you get to know the local culture, you will spend a lot of time with locals talking to them, getting to know the local history and immersing themselves in the hospitality of the friendly Italians.

Depending on the tour and region, there will also be wine tasting, sightseeing, free time to explore between rides, and access to all the salvage services you may need. These include massages, wellness centers, therapeutic pools and saunas near the group's location.

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At what level? Insurance and cover do I need?

Travel insurance is compulsory and A & # 39; qto Cycling advises you to book it at the time you block your tour. In this way you are protected if something happens between booking and departure as well as on the tour itself.

You also need a doctor's license to be able to participate in the tours to make sure that you are up to date with the physical task ahead of you. We will provide you with complete documentation and assistance in obtaining your medical certificate at the time of booking, along with the mandatory insurance exclusion documents.

Do I have to stick to the tour plans?

All published tours have a fixed itinerary and are designed to provide the drivers the entire experience desire in Italy if you have your own group of 12 people.

Any representative of the team can assist with all logistics and recommendations towards the right regions for their skills. This means that you have a completely customized experience that ensures you get the most out of your custom tour.

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