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You should bet on March Madness, but not on the money

On some days in March, I know exactly what will wake me every morning at six o'clock: text messages from my buddy Gordo, an ex-athlete and financial expert on the East Coast who's in full ex-athlete and East Coast -Finance guy fashion, sports numbers and numbers must speak. March Madness, to be exact. I know that because Gordo woke me up with the same news every autumn. An NFL Week 13 Sample Chain:

Gordo: "I'm thinking of Broncos -5 against the Bengals, Panthers -3.5 against the Buccaneers and Texans -5 against the Browns. What do you think?

Me: "Broncos definitely. They are rising, and the situation of Bengals in QB is bleak. Why the Panthers and the Texans?

Gordo: "It's a must for the Panthers, and the line seems to be low. The Texans are undervalued and have won eight series.

I : "Let's do it. Thoughts about bears -3 against the giants? Bears have covered most of the games. Giants rarely provide an incentive and have an incentive to bombard for a pickup. "

Gordo :" Oh yes. Could do that too. "

We will be adding many more links to the text string shortly, as the first two rounds of March Madness are the event of the year. We'll be in constant touch, watching games with the zeal of hometown fans, strategically planning high-quality money-line upgrades, hurrying over bad calls, and "holy shit !!!" ̵

1; Beat lyrics about bet-win buzzers.

Are we degenerate?

Nah. I would like to believe that legalized sportsbooks are for us a growing number of modern men. What's cold at Elks Club for aging veterinarians: a connecting experience, the best thing that can happen to male friendships since the break. Gordo and I go together on lines, tracks and parlays in every football season, the March Madness tournament and the NBA playoff run.

At a time when male friendships are being seized. It's a broad-based issue: nearly half of Americans feel lonely, and 20 percent say they rarely, if ever, feel close to other people. And that makes us ready. Loneliness increases the risk of depression and is as bad for you as smoking 15 cigarettes a day. The friendship crisis hits men harder than women, and your wife / girlfriend alone will not stand it – science suggests that men receive a different kind of emotional fulfillment than their male friends.

67% of men pursue sports, because well, sport is great. Research has shown that they become more fantastic through the presence of financial skin, resulting in higher dopamine peaks, a brain chemical that feels good. A bet can even lead to a quick hijacking of a sport that is otherwise foreign to you, such as: Gordo and I, as we bet on the Masters tournament.

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Not the Old Sports Betting Scene

You may not know that sports betting is not what it used to be In the old days, with the exception of Nevada, it took a hard-hitting bookmaker to pick ponies on a racetrack or OTB facility, or fantasy Tournaments on sites like DraftKings.

But last May, the Supreme Court overturned the ban on sports betting in New Jersey and pave the way for the rest of the states to get involved in the deal: in eight states, you can now bet on any game in a casino, allow some it even from an app on your phone: the company is organized, streamlined and legitimate, and major sports leagues (NBA, MLB, NHL) and media play an important role on the actio.

"I knew people doing it illegally but I just did not want to go into it, "says Andrew, a lawyer living in New Jersey (who did not want to give his full name as some people still live.) associating sports betting with illegality). "Now I can put a few dollars on a game with my mobile. This makes the games more interesting and it gives me something to talk to friends, especially those you know just because your wives are friends. "

Seventeen other states and the District of Columbia are moving for legalized sports betting Besides other benefits, this is a boon to tax," said Bo Bernhard, executive director of the International Gaming Institute of the University of Nevada in Las Vegas. The rest of the states have not taken it off Utah, because it's Utah – even though they have a point. It's always possible to go too far: About 2.5 percent of people in the US suffer from a gambling disorder. When you're under control, eating out is a waste of your time: you miss your work, ask others to free you from loss, you feel restless and irritated when you try to hold yourself back, and you think you can solve some of these problems more gambling. Do you deny that you have a problem? That is also a sign. If friends think you've gone too far, stop them.

But for the average person, legalization would probably not bring the avalanche. States not only rely on it, but also big companies. Buffalo Wild Wings explores how to add betting to its restaurants, and Vegas mega-casinos are adapting to the trend of sports betting by revising traditional sports books. Imagine individual cubic-like bays with small televisions and rows of seats, all pointing in the same direction – To make more sports book meets Sportbar.

It's good for you?

Unlike gambling, where you have to sit alone on a slot machine and have a grip, "playing sports can be nourishing," says Alan Zaremba, Ph.D., a professor at Northeastern University. who wrote The Madness of March: Bonding and Betting with the Guys in Las Vegas . "Not from a nutritional point of view, because you have guys eating wings and drinking beer, but from the point of view of friendship. Guys seem to develop into a coherent unit when they are involved in a game outcome. "

Gordo and I often spent just after college, but then we both moved to work in the countryside. The weekly conversations were reduced to monthly and then quarterly – the same phenomenon that has happened to so many men in their 20s and 30s and 40s. Studies at Oxford University show that your social circle is rising at 25 and is rapidly shrinking thereafter.

Then I moved to Las Vegas, while Gordo's state legalized sports games. We started talking about it, and betting became our "thing." Of course, our discussions start with calculating bets, but they often switch to topics such as life, current events, and plans to meet. [19659007] Men seem to have developed to win, lose and strategize together. "Women's friendships are more likely to be face-to-face, while men are more likely to be side by side," says Geoffrey Greif, Doctor of Friendship at the University of Maryland. This explains why your wife and friends can build relationships with a glass of wine while watching you and your posse play better.

Since then I have had other old friends in the now sports-friendly states to exchange views. And I know that when it's midnight on the East Coast and the first Thursday in the March Madness game over, I get more lyrics from Gordo.

Gordo, if we are ready for the day: "Not a bad day to bet. I take it. "Or Gordo, if we do not have the day left," Well, it was worth a try. Still fun. "

Not that it really matters. I rarely put three numbers. for me it's about more exciting games and talking with friends. So I turn off the TV and sleep eight hours before the workday on Friday. Then my phone rings of course again.

Gordo : "Hey, I was thinking about this three-team parlay tomorrow and wanted to catch up on your thoughts. , ,

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