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You can get a colonoscopy without sedation

When the doctor lay awake there, as I removed the intestinal mirror from my stem, I remembered that time in the eighties, when I had four wisdom teeth that were expelled under my jaw under a local anesthetic. In no case was I a tough guy: the younger and poorer I just did not want to cash for the giggling gas. The era of colonoscopy simply wanted to skip the hangover and finish a work project on time. In both cases, I have been part of a trend where more and more people are choosing surgery and other procedures without sedation.

Not that I really planned that. I had completely intended to sink. My brother and a friend both said that they had emerged from their colonoscopy and felt rested, so I was looking forward to the chemical slumber, whereupon I have done my job. But then the nurse mentioned the persistent "amnesic" properties of the drugs that I would call a mainliner. "We recommend that you do not do any important business for the rest of the day," she said. I could not take the day off and still met my deadline. "Can I do this without medication?" I asked.

"Some people do it," she replied. While I still decided if I was "some
people", the nurse said, "There may be some discomfort."

YES, THEN CAN, as it turns out. But I had to meet this deadline. And after all the fasting and cleansing, I wanted to eat big and do it soon. Also: I was raised by loggers.

"Let's do it," I said.

Waking up is not as radical as I thought

Unsented colonoscopy is nothing new. In fact, they were standard. But here in the home of the brave we would rather not prove that we are evil with our ass. Some data suggest that less than 20 percent of us would consider the option. Some experts believe it would help if unsedated is replaced by sedation-free or drug-free, but however they say it always comes still on where you put it. A friend told me, "I do not want to be awake while someone does this .

Freudian fears and embarrassment aside, many people ̵

1; like me – until I asked them, just did not realize that sedationless is an option, let alone the option sane . Members of the medical community may not mention it, reluctant to change their way of working, or, understandably, prefer to work on a relaxed patient who is not likely to scream and scream. Sedation can also increase the profit.

Conversely, by reducing staff costs and taking medication, lowering sedation can lead to significant patient savings. Good news for all: Guard colonoscopy can eliminate the patient's anger by arranging a trip and forfeiting productive time for recovery. According to a study from 1945 of the World Journal of the staff can save more than one hour per patient Gastroenterology .

You started working

In my case, things were going well at first. Colonoscopy studies cite the term "anticipatory anxiety" and friends, there were some, but the insertion (I give it when I write) went smoothly. Next came a hiss, followed by the feeling that my stomach was bloated like a clown's balloon. Apart from the deep desire to have someone pull my finger, I did not find it terrible . But as the doctor began to navigate through the sharp corners (the doctors call them bends) between colon sections, I grunted like a pig. Then I groaned. Then I started to sweat, and in my head the sweat felt green . I am amazed at patients in a study on sedation without colonoscopy who rated their pain on a scale of 1 to 10 at 2.58, and I feel with the group in an older study that they are in the 5.7 range determined, rather solidary. I took a deep breath, and that helped, as did the nurse's pressure on my stomach.

I also got distracted by seeing a flatscreen TV – unfortunately there was only one channel playing my colon When the doctor discovered what he thought was a polyp, I watched him – while delivering a game for the game – remotely manipulated a mechanized melon-baller and took a sample. (It would later test as normal tissue.) I expected a pinch or a sting, and I felt nothing.

Then he returned to navigate and I to grunt. At some point I must have pronounced a particularly poignant moan, because the doctor stopped and asked if I am well. Although 94 percent of the patients in a study that started the procedure without sedation had completed sedation, I was ready to request the juice.

"How long have we got?" I asked.

"About five minutes left," he answered.

"I'll make it," I said, though you might have heard a question mark at the end. Things went smoothly on the home stretch and then it was all over.

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For the Next Colonoscopy

Within half an hour I was in a diner devouring a southwestern omelet (extra beans and salsa to stress-test the clean pipes) malaise, mentally sharp and ready to get on the to-do list.

Would I do it again? Yes, and one study suggests that about 78 percent of the patients who had it through an unchecked colonoscopy like the I. had.

But I would first have two cups of water.

And not by mouth.

The Gastroenterologist of the University of Minnesota Health Dr. Piet de Groen was described by his colleagues as a "baby boy" and admits he is "a bit fanatical" about "water exchange" colonoscopy, instead of blowing 10 to 15 liters of air into the colon Dr. de Groen with half a liter Wa Less stretching means that he can use less of the circumference. Water also lubricates the equipment; Dr. de Groen says that patients who had previously "dry", not short colonoscopy, are surprised that there is no pain during flexion.

There are a number of reasons – it can take a little longer, it is a new technique that you can not charge extra for – there has been resistance to water exchange in the medical world. But
I have planned another colonoscopy in five years (would have been ten without this polyp), and I will ask my doctor about the water technique.

If he says yes, I'll buy lunch.

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