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Year-end 2018: 5 fitness trends people swore in the past year

2018 was a great year for all fitness freaks. There were several fitness trends that became viral during the year. Every year, new fitness trends come and go, but some of them fall into the eyes of people and have become the most popular trends. In 2018, there were many trends that showed great results for people. A varied form of exercises and workouts enjoyed great popularity throughout 2018. As the year comes to an end, here are all the fitness trends that have been adopted by almost every fitness enthusiast.

Body Weight Training

A great way to use your own body weight instead of extra weights. It's the best option for those who do not have time to go to the gym because it does not require any equipment or the need to go to the gym. When training with body weight, there are a number of movements and options from which the various muscles of the body can be trained very well. Your own body weight serves to resist gravity. It also offers unique benefits of cardiovascular strength and muscle building. In this training, the risks of injury are very low.

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7, weights were added as a variation this year. Weights have additional benefits for this workout. Weights in HIIT increase muscle mass and strength much faster compared to other workouts. It also offers other benefits such as improved oxygen circulation and better heart health.

Mixed Art

Mixed art and boxing are very popular throughout the country this year. It has left its mark on mainstream fitness. Mixed Material Arts focuses on weight training, not just on building muscle. It also offers total body training. Above all, it improves your stamina, promotes weight loss and focuses on the core muscles.

Dance Training

Dance training is the best way to exercise when body lifting and sports are not your stuff. Dance is an exciting and fun way to train yourself. There are certain forms of dance that can achieve the best results in body training. Zumba is a very popular form of dance that is often used to kill fat. It is an energetic form of dance that can help you lose weight. It burns calories very fast. You can take Zumba classes and lose weight while enjoying. With just a few dance moves, you can enjoy good music and burn fat at the same time.

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Personal Training

Personal training was another popular method that is very popular among people choosing this year. Personal training helps individuals to focus on the exact fitness goal they want to achieve. A personal trainer will understand the requirements better and suggest appropriate exercises. People choose a personal training to achieve their fitness goal flawlessly.

If you are still struggling with your fitness goals, do not worry and start the new year with a kick and stick to your fitness program to stay healthy and fit.

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