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Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Aquaman's Black Manta, on his training, diet, style

Let's start with the premise that you, if you have Yahya Abdul-Mateen II. In the streets of LA (where he was when we talked) or in a cafe in San Francisco (near where he grew up ), or down in Atlanta (where he filmed), you would not necessarily know his face, but you would probably think: What will I have for dinner? That does not mean that he makes no impression (on the contrary), but he is not the most famous man on the street. 32-year-old New Orleans native Abdul-Mateen is pretty normal. He goes to the gym, wears a backpack and has a weakness for Apple Jacks.

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But Abdul-Mateen is just becoming famous. This month, he will be the embodiment of Black Manta, Supervillain, who will compete against Jason Momoa in the latest DC Comics Spectacle Aquaman (December 21). He's not exactly a Hollywood newcomer, but in almost record time he has played a disco-dance sociopath in the Baz-Luhrmann-Netflix series of 2016 The Get Down – – his first role – and Aquaman given a big wet punch face.

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Quick change from one achievement to another is a kind of Abdul-Mateen's thing -acting: He has a bachelor's degree in Architecture, but after a few years he thought he could just try to act and made a to-do list for a full year: "I read this list every day," he says In a series of drama schools he attended at the Yale School of Drama and ten days after graduation, he sat in front of Luhrmann's camera po po star.

How come that a working actor who is a star against Chris wants to (19459060) compete for a star, in the end becomes a recognizable name? The choice that he makes distinguishes him: routines, a few extremely intense months in the gym and a healthy dose of sunscreen.

As Abdul- Mateen was used as Black Manta, he knew that the costume would be huge. While Aquaman does not swim much more than his skin, Black Manta is wrapped in an armored full body diving suit complete with a dome-bell helmet. "This suit is not a joke," he says. "I do not think it's an exaggeration to say it was 70 pounds, but I'm sure we'll read later that it was 20 pounds." (Warner Bros. confirmed that it was 70 pounds.) Abdul-
Mateen has always been physical – the actor shaved off for The Get Down an inch from his waist. Now he was painfully aware of the challenges of acting head to toe in a chastity belt. He wanted to wear the suit; he did not want the suit to carry him.

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<p class= Er and his trainer Stuart Walton I spent more than two months in the gym doing some ridiculous training. "Knowledge He's stacked like 100 reps of something, weights up to my chest, "he says, There were moments that looked impossible He understood Walton's instruction to complete 18 sets of lunges and over-head presss.The coach had actually said 80.) But they got into a rhythm and adapted the training to his Aquaman character: "He's annoyingly stubborn, he's talented. He will not stop until he gets what he wants." As Abdul-Mateen's determination subsided, he thought of his Costar Momoa, next to K Hal Drogo is a great motivator.

This sense of responsibility, whether it's a role, a costar, or even a self is one of the secrets to checking "physically" from your to-do list to achieve fame , "I've learned a lot about my body," says Abdul-Mateen about the process. Is he holding it up now after moving on to the next project? "Absolutely not, no way." But the beauty of working crazy for this movie is that it now has a training program for what's next.

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All of this will -a movie star stuff can strain a man's skin, and Abdul-Mateen has that Reached the point where he must lie down and have a conversation: "I build a relationship with my skin." He says, "I'm like, Okay, I have to be somewhere on Friday so you can misbehave on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, but do it on Thursday so we can be presentable on Friday." . 19659008] Following the wise advice of his hairdresser, Joanna Simkin has strengthened the relationship and swears by routine: "It's not about going to the gym and throwing yourself on the couch for two hours. Wash your face again!" Mateen recommended that she use the Oil Eliminator line from Kiehl for Men (which includes a facial cleanser and a moisturizer with shine control) to emphasize that you are not finished after washing, exfoliating and moisturizing: Next, use sunscreen. " Shave a small layer of your skin and expose it to the elements you need to protect it. "Her favorite is Glossier's Invisible Shield Daily Sunscreen (which can be ordered mercifully online).

  image = 19659024 (Glossier / 9659007) This page sends Abdul-Mateen into the Lion's Den to provide the essentials. "I go to Sephora now," he laughs. "I make sure that I have my proper serum, moisturizer and cleanser, that I change my brushes in my Clarisonic, it's nice to have the means to take care of themselves. "

Abdul-Mateen has also come out for that No, not the sort that's taken away from baseball, it literally makes fresh juices at home, the same kid who ripped his older brother for demanding fresh vegetables after he came home from college Now, swear on beet, carrot and orange juices and, of course, kale Sugar is forbidden – especially the kind found in a certain orange-green O cereal. When your work and your ability to succeed are tied to the way your body looks and feels, these types of shifts can change your life. "I love Apple Jacks," he says. "They send me over the edge. As soon as I start eating Apple Jacks, I long for sugar, and next you know my bills are late and I do not know my lines and I'm late.


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The last step in a man's journey to the superstar: pin down his style They differ – Jason Momoa has the bombshell, wild guy flair, Leonardo DiCaprio has his Look How I clean-up tuxedos, Jared Letos Gucci. Abdul-Mateen embarks on this new world of red rugs looking for the ultimate uniform he can wear five days a week. "My sister calls me a cartoon because I wear the same thing every day," he says with a black fur scarf or a combination of silk shirt and leather jacket. He even took off a wide-brimmed Borsalino hat. "My style is classic with a little left-hander," he muses.

It is noteworthy that Abdul-Mateen, like many of the stars we find most stylish (Jonah Hill for example), does not work with a stylist. He builds and develops his own look. He did not rule out the possibility of working with one (who would say no to help?), But for the moment his instincts are good for him. He has spent enough time with his body to be able to show the damn thing just as well: "I will rock, which complements my waist, my long legs and the broad shoulders."

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Where will the work – the physical treatment, the skin care, the style – take Yahya Abdul-Mateen II next?

He Aquaman ventured out to three other projects, including the series Damon Lindelof –
Watchmen for HBO, which collected entries on its IMDb page such as stamps.The opportunities stem from his efforts Superstars of one-hit wonders – Of course, the raw talent also helps: This is a man who has the architecture
left to act on a whim and it makes Hinks work as a quest for the big time. "I'm still putting my hat on that first job," he says. He has crossed a "superhero movie" from the list of lifelong to-do, so what now? "Best Actor" has a nice ringtone.

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