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Workout Hangover: Is It Real?

  Workout Hangover: Is It Real?

There is a new trend – or maybe a manufactured trend? – of people who miss work and social events because of a training hangover. What we have earlier referred to as DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) has now been coined & nbsp;

A New Trend – or perhaps an Artificial Trend What was previously referred to as DOMS (delayed soreness) is now considered by many to be "Tomcat". To call it a hangover, however, is not correct, as this is not the case. Regardless, these hangovers cause many people to miss their lives, and that is certainly an irrational practice that is worth addressing.

To stop this, people first need to understand that the main reason they compare it to a hangover and retire from life is the lack of education about exercise and fitness. Too many are exhibiting their beginner programs, showing what others are doing and are encouraged by the motto of the fitness industry "no pain, no gain" (1

9459008). The problem is that people are jumping in depth without leadership and progress. Therefore, good training should not be stressful and it should not be so painful that it leads to a training hangover that will stop you from working.

Another reason for people to face a training hangover is that they have hurt themselves. When people exercise and sweat, they do not realize how much water they need to replace all the fluid. Not only that, but water also helps flush all metabolites out of the body and let the nutrients flow to your muscles. Dehydration causes headache, fatigue and sometimes nausea.

Avoid Stress

The workout hangover goes hand in hand with cortisol, the stress hormone, and too much stress can lead to a workout hangover.

Do not exercise too often a day or two at the gym is a big NO. If you go to the gym with consistently good training, you will get a higher payoff and better outcome than if you kill yourself with one big session a week, which makes all other sessions bad or even forced you to to rest for more days.

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Do not use pre-workout stimulants too often. Some caffeine, a good diet and a proper diet for training are enough to get the job done.

Make Sleep the Priority

To relieve the workout hangover, you need to improve the hormones that make you feel better.

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Laughing more

What is better than laughing? It releases endorphins, reduces cortisol and helps to improve the immune system. The more feel-good hormones your body gives off, the less stress it creates. So, release the stress, find a friend who makes you laugh, watch and read something funny.

Physical and mental lethargy during training, especially during intensive training routines, is manageable and avoidable with the right answers. The key to avoiding a workout hangover is finding out what works best for your workout regimen to help you recover as effectively and efficiently as possible.

(Contributed by Shalini Bhargava, Director of the JG Fitness Center)
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