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Winter Running: Equipment and tips for runners who do not get along with the treadmill

As much as we moan about the weather, Britain is a pretty good place to be runners. The summers are rarely so hot that walking causes dehydration-threatening misery, and the winter cold falls into the category "Make sure you wear lip balm" rather than "wear gloves or lose your fingers".

That said The British winter is usually wet, cool and dark. None of the runners makes it to the ten best descriptions of his favorite workout. Fortunately, you can easily combat all three of these conditions with the right winter schedule and equipment. We have everything you need to know below, but first we have seven quick tips from Tom Craggs (runningwithus.com), Official Running Coach of the Cancer Research UK London Winter Run and OOFOS Ambassadors, to keep you motivated by a winter of running ,

Tips for winter running

. Ring-Fence Your Exercise Time

Festive time can be incredibly busy and the first thing that people are doing about their schedule is exercise. Avoid this danger by planning your weekly exercise to help you keep up. In the face of the hectic Christmas season you will probably still be happy about the time.

"Try to get your sessions into the bank as early as possible in the morning, as life causes more and more run-busting challenges throughout the day," says Craggs.

. 2 Change Your Scenery

Riding the same piece of asphalt time and time again is just another reason to skip a run when it's cold, so mix it up.

"Change your usual running routes, get off the road, and add some hills to challenge your body differently," says Craggs. "Your body loves routine and plateaus easily. Shake things and keep your muscles and brain guessing. "

. 3 Fuel Your Fitness

People are expected to become overly nestled during the Christmas season, but it's also important to stock up on fruits and vegetables rather than avoiding that over-indulgence in January with a fad that negates the food that you need to support turns off your running.

"Consistency is the key to success," says Craggs. "Now is not the time for a crazy new diet or the exclusion of entire food groups. You must refuel your workout with high-quality carbohydrates as well as adequate fats and protein.

If you want to make a healthy diet change, Craggs recommends cooking yourself.

"Spend some time in the kitchen!" Craggs says. "Even if it's only two to three times a week, cook for yourself and let your meals vary. These include a wide selection of fruits and vegetables. Vitamins C, B6, E, D and Zinc all contribute to a healthy immune system that can fight off colds and infections that can actually affect exercise consistency. "

. 4 Get Cross

Cross training should already be part of your exercise routine, and given that you can do it indoors, this is an even more attractive option in winter.

"Your heart and lungs know the difference between not being on a bike, a cross trainer, swimming and running, "says Craggs. "Your muscles will thank you for providing variety through cross-training, which enhances the benefits of extra running with more power and less impact."

. 5 Get Cross (Again)

"In the UK, there is a wonderful tradition of cross-country skiing, and everything starts in the fall," says Craggs. "It's great to build strength, but it's also good to just go out and race without worrying about time and pace. Many of the best sports use cross-country skiing in autumn and winter to provide the platform for next year's PBs on the streets. Try it!

If you need some guidance, read our Beginner's Guide. Your local running club also has all the information you need about what's going on in your area.

. 6 Plan for the Next Year of the Race

Having fixed goals for the future will make it easier to stay motivated in the present. So set your goals for next year to strengthen your winter training.

nice warm drink and reflect your year so far, "says Craggs. "Think about what went well and what could be improved. Also select some races or goals that will get you going. Connecting your goals with the position you feel up to date is the best place to start a plan. "

. 7 Kit Yourself Out

"The right kit is crucial for motivation as you look out the window and think about this session in cold weather," says Craggs.

"Build with sweat-repellent layers, sporting activities." certain substance. Watch out for arm warmers and caps to keep warm without tormenting like a turkey.

Winter Running Clothes

Running Shoes

Of course you need these shoes all year round, but many brands are now making versions of their popular winterproof features. These include water-repellent or even fully waterproof upper materials, reflective sections, laces without laces and outsoles with more grip. It may seem like a luxury to buy a seasonal running shoe, but if you run several times a week it is a rewarding luxury to have warmer, drier feet on all these sections.

Our favorite winter running shoe: Nike Shield Pegasus 35 [19659005]

The Pegasus 35 has features like shoelaces and water repellent upper, but is also a great all-rounder A shoe that is muffled for easy running, but also reacts fast enough to accelerate the pace. He is a shoe that carries you through all your winter runs.

Buy at Nike | £ 114.95

Softshell Jacket / Top

The first of two jackets you'll need in your winter wardrobe, the softshell running top is the workhorse you'll wear for just about any run. It needs to be breathable (a full-length zipper helps here), but it can withstand a bit of drizzle, and you should be able to wear it next to the skin, if it's just a little nippy, and above a base layer if it's colder. Ideally, it will Made of odor-resistant material, as you will often wear it and have reflective details for dark runs.

Our favorite softshell jacket: SOAR Softshell

It has everything you can expect from a softshell jacket, including one Pinch style. Wear this slim-cut top in fall and spring, and in the winter, wear a mid layer underneath.

Buy at Soar Running | £ 199

Waterproof Jacket

When conditions get really uncomfortable, you need something stronger than a softshell. A fully waterproof running jacket is probably less breathable, so try to walk light runs, but look for a lightweight option that will not make you so sweaty that blocking the rain will defeat yourself. Packable jackets that come with you for the ride are a bonus, so be prepared when the weather changes suddenly.

Our favorite waterproof jacket: Gore R7 Shakedry Hooded Jacket

As far as we can tell, the following applies: The more you pay for a waterproof jacket, the more breathable it is and it pays to pay for the breathability in a running jacket, otherwise you will end up so sweaty. Keeping the rain at bay will make the whole thing largely pointless. The Gore R7 is waterproof and windproof, can be stored in its own small front pocket and is more breathable than any other waterproof we have ever tried. It's essentially perfect and has a reasonable price, but if you're running through the UK winter, a lightweight waterproof material may be the most important kit you'll need.

Buy at Wiggle | £ 250 (currently reduced to £ 212.50)

Base Layer

In winter, a cozy base layer is the heart of a runner – in the true sense of the word, when you're not wearing a chest strap. The top should stay warm and wick sweat away from the skin to keep you dry and comfortable. The main decision is between merino wool and synthetic fabrics. The former is warmer and resists odors better, while the latter dissipates sweat and dries faster.

Our Preferred Base Layer: Iffley Road Bodmin Basecoat

Made from unbelievably soft and odorless merino wool, and has a turtleneck – Coach has a lot of neck heat – this base layer could hardly miss our winter favorite.

Buy from Iffley Road | £ 98


Some runners shrink from running pants, no matter how cold it gets, but they miss a trick because a good leg is just right to be comfortable on light runs. Warm up for quick sessions. As with the base layers, you want a sweat-wicking material that dries quickly, and it's always useful when the tights have reflective details for the night run.

Our Favorite Tights: 2XU Wind Defense Compression Tights

The front panels of these tights protect your pens from the wind while the eye-catching (more than one) pattern on the bottom is made of reflective material to enhance your visibility for others to increase long winter nights.

Buy from 2XU | £ 105


It's about time we all deal with the most unfair villain of any sporting item, the Snood. Use it to keep your neck warm, or bundle it as a headband that protects your ears from the cold. The best is a lightweight, sweat-wicking material.

Our Favorite Snood: BUFF R-Blue

Every BUFF will serve you Well, but it's worth having with reflective area when you see the long winter nights in front of you.

Buy from Buff | £ 20.50


The requirements here are simple: you want gloves that keep your hands warm, but not sweaty. For those who like to work with electronics, they are looking for a pair that allows the use of touch screen devices.

Our Favorite Gloves: Proviz Pixelite Performance Running Gloves