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Why you should give up your New Year's Provision 2019

It's the season again. "A New Year, a New You" speaks in every news feed, detox programs flood the television during the day and millions of people flock to the gym.

The New Year's goal, however, is a positive and healthy way to improve your health and fitness research shows that only about 9 percent of New Year's resolutions actually adhere. [1] In fact, many New Year's resolutions have not even passed beyond the month of February!

If 91 percent of New Year's resolutions suffer the same fate, there must be some common obstacles that people can not overcome. Here are the top three reasons why your new year's resolutions do more harm than good.

Reason 1
: You set the bar too high

We are all to blame. You think of a goal that you want to achieve, and record it in your journal. Then you think of another big goal and make a note of it. Before you know it, your resolution list is a mile long and your expectations are as high as Mount Everest.

  You set the bar too high

Let's say you want to lose weight and want to lose 20 pounds So you can impress your partner on Valentine's Day. That's a great goal, but if you think the weight will go down so quickly, you'll be disappointed. And we all know what it feels like when the results do not come as fast as we would like.

You can safely lose 1-2 pounds of body fat per week, so plan your goals accordingly. It is better to reach a small target that fails on an unrealistically large target.

Reason 2: You become a victim of the "all or nothing" mentality

Ah, the weekend warrior in all of us. You have time to move around on weekends while you seem to be out of action during the week. Enthusiastically you make big plans for how to do things differently this year. Then Monday morning rolls around and you press the snooze button and tell yourself that you go to the gym after work – which never happens. Or after a long day's work, garnish chicken and broccoli with half a liter of ice before bedtime. Does that mean you have failed?

When you set a goal or New Year resolution, you can easily fall into the trap of "all or nothing". You have a plan on how to transform your life, then fall off the wagon and become one of the above resolution statistics.

  They fall into the All or Nothing mentality

As cliché as it sounds, baby steps are the key to success. Studies show that "all or nothing" goals and solutions can affect not only the end result, but also the process along the way. Instead of trying to go to the gym every day, you start every other day. If you cheat on your diet, drink a large glass of water and have a light, healthy meal the next time you eat.

If you want to borrow another cliché, self-improvement is a marathon, not a sprint. As you continue to achieve your goals, you lose weight – just not overnight. If you go to the gym on a regular basis you will gain strength – maybe not as fast as you like. Be there in the long run. Be patient.

Reason # 3: You're Under Pressure

As if the pressure we put on ourselves is not enough, the media does a fantastic job of making us feel we should train more and eat better and thinner. We're constantly bombarded with stories about new mothers getting their bodies back overnight, or men with abdominal muscles or pecs stoned to shoot metal detectors from the airport effortless transformation is constant – and unrealistic. The before-and-after photos that you see on social media do not show all the hours you spend preparing food, exercising in the gym, and sobbing. The journey is so often overlooked on social media that you feel you are the only one who struggles.

Do not be stopped by the pressure of a dramatic before-and-after war. The intermediate stages of building healthy habits and recovering a new fitness routine are the most important part of these New Year's resolutions. Be inspired by all the other "after" photos and highlight reels, but do not forget the hard work and dedication to get there. Transformations in real life require time and consistency. Therefore, you decided to abolish the resolutions for 2019 once and for all.

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