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Why Rich Froning really likes CrossFit Team contests

It is obvious to ask if Rich Froning's passion has diminished since the individual competitions were dropped in 2016.

After all, could the champion be motivated after winning individual CrossFit Games competitions and being named a "fittest" man in history? "He then left, but he still works as part of a team in group settings, and they may think that Froning would be content to take it easy and let others lose weight, because anyone who completes a group project can confirm that this is a tempting suggestion, but Froning says the sharing of the limelight has actually revived his love for the sport.

"Over the years as an individual, I've burned out a bit and I'm sick of it MensHealth.com . "Working in a team is pushing much harder for other people."

This extra motivation has paid off: the team at Froning, CrossFit Mayhem Freedom, ranked in the senior group's Open in the last few years, in a way, Froning feels that joining a team challenges him to become a better coach Although he is one of Crossfit's legendary legends, he is an even better competitor.

He has learned to be a better coach.

Working in a team has shown Froning how to train other athletes even better. Although he prefers to "set a good example", the 31

-year-old realizes that there is not just one person who makes a great athlete or coach.

"Some of the people in the teams I've worked in need to be raised and somehow loved," he explains. "And some people do not need that at all – they need to be pushed, more inhibited."

That keeps him moving.

Froning believes that most people would be surprised to learn. Mostly, his team has no formal training schedule. Outside the mondays and thursdays, which are called bathing days, everyone shows up and does not know what to expect.

"We'll look at the whiteboards, discuss what we did or did not do, how everyone feels," he explains. Sometimes the other athletes mention movements that they have not done for some time, and then put together a workout.

This kind of setup may sound chaotic, but Froning believes she can better prepare him for competitions.

"It's more valuable than people think, because for the CrossFit games we do not really know what we're training for or what's going to happen," he says. "That way, we're ready for anything."

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<h3 class= He is motivated by others.

Himself Top athletes do not always like to train, but when Froning's teammates gather at his gym in Cookeville, Tennessee, the hardest part begins.

"Nobody wants to start moving," he says, and someday someone warms up, and so on others join in to tackle the training of the day.

"Once we pass the first training session, snowballs happen," he says 19659002] Another big driver is pressure, according to Froning Not to disappoint the whole crew, as there is a big incentive to get strong in solo contests, wow I'll escalate if you have to think beyond your teammates' high expectations.

"You do not want to be the weak link or the person who leaving other people in the lurch, "he says. "I think it's much more motivating to do it in the team than individually."

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