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Why not try out every cool exercise you see on Instagram

Instagram is a cornucopia of tricky, impressive exercises that make many of us think: I have to try that! But no, you do not do it! t need to try one of them. And in some cases you probably should not do that.

"I hate how Instagram encourages you to do any training or exercise you see – and the more complicated, the more popular they are," says strength coach Sohee Lee, CSCS, says SELF. "You see these people doing impressive moves on Instagram, and they have a lot of followers because they can do those moves … but I do not even know what moves should work. You just look cool . "Think: Someone who performs Plyo pushups while catching and throwing a Medicine Ball each time he is in the air.

Of course. Doing something because it looks cool is not inherently bad. It's a great part of getting stronger, faster and fitter: you can do things that make you stop and think. That was epic! So, yes, of course, if someone achieves a new fitness trick, they want to share it! And good for you.

But if you follow people who publish new exercises every other day, it's important to know that the types of exercises that build force and those that show . Strength are very different. Besides, not every cool-looking exercise is a good idea for everyone – and that's no shame.

Prefer the basics to beast mode.

Generally To Build Strength, Muscles, Stamina and Athleticism To improve your health, the basics should always be the foundation of your exercise program, says strength coach Allison Tenney (CSCS) to SELF.

These basics also include movements such as squats, hip-hinges, and lunges as pulling, pushing, turning, and wearing exercises . Together, they strengthen the body's most basic movement patterns and make you far more effective than eye-catching, complicated exercises, she says. When you become strong in these truly basic movements, you essentially build a foundation on which you can build power safely and effectively.

Lee says that trying out more complicated moves before learning the basics increases the risk that you'll use bad form and power in the end. Being hurt is the worst case, but at best, trying to do exercises for which you do not have the strength or motor skills you need is uncomfortable, frustrating, and only minimally effective to reach your overall fitness goals.

It may be that (hopefully) people who post conspicuous moves on Instagram have created these basics, even if they do not publish them in their feeds. "You see people doing those cool, athletic moves online, but you do not see what they needed behind the scenes to do those moves," certified personal trainer Emily Beinecke, director of culture and community at Achieve Fitness in Boston, tells SELF. She explains that for some of the best-looking exercises, you'll first need to master multiple progressions to build strength, train the right muscles, and coordinate multiple movement patterns simultaneously.

For example, if you want to do a handstand, you must first master pikes learn how to develop whole-body tensions (by straining your muscles during a movement), and everything from your shoulders to your glutes strengthen. That will not happen overnight. Rather, the first critical step is to work on basic exercises over a long period of time and build up a lot of strength. If you commit to it, you can ultimately work your way to this instagrammable handstand, but know that you can not go from 0 to 60 – and the person who published it definitely has not, even if its highlight- Role of appearances They have.

Recognize when fitspo is more entertaining than instructive.

The reality is that you are constantly seeing new things online that you want to try, even if you know where the basics are. That's just the nature of social media. The important thing is to be able to determine which exercises are reasonable for you, and then make plans to safely and effectively continue with them, says Beinecke feed not only shows cool exercises, but also explains how and why they are behind it – the benefits of the exercise, how to do it with the right form, and how to make progress that will help you to work on it. This will help you determine if an exercise is right for you or worth your time. (Keep in mind that the basics are all you need to take advantage of the health and power of the workout if you find yourself baffled that your favorite trainer's last eye-catching moves are out of reach for you

If you've decided that an exercise is right for you, think about how your current routine is already preparing you to do it. If your workout achieves all the basic movement patterns, you probably already develop many of the required strengths of the exercise. To fine tune and complement them, you can always incorporate some mobility, coordination or agility into your routine, says Lee. For example, T-spine opener can help you get more mobility with top pressure movements, one-leg exercises traction stability and direction changes such as hurdles, cones, coordination and agility of the ladder is improved. The best skills depend on the movement you want to try.

Depending on the type of exercise you want to perform and your current level of fitness, you can work toward a specific power output for a period of one month to several years. This is normal and the surest way to approach something new and complex. Always remember that you can build up strength by bringing in ground work. If you want, you can demonstrate this too.

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