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Why days of rest are important and how to make the most of them

A solid productive week of work and training has ended, and the day you looked forward to is officially here. The consistent training routine you have created for yourself has gone well and you are seeing visible results. Now that you have this day off and can rest, it's time to decide how to spend it. Sometimes we feel that a rest day from the normal exercise routine has little or no activity, but this is not necessarily the case. If we suddenly move from an active state to very little or no movement, it can lead to stiffness in the muscles and a decrease in motivation.

Without question, it is important to rest for days to reboot body and mind. A break from a structured exercise program allows the body to recover properly while muscles, nerves and bones are time to rebuild.

I was asked by different people in my practice classes about recommended activities on a rest day. One of the first things we talk about is easy activities that you can enjoy so you want to continue. Here are a few funny easy activity recommendations with their benefits.

Take a walk in nature

When you move outdoors, you can change scenery and usually catch some fresh air. Explore the new path you may have thought of or discover a new place to awaken your senses. Maybe you discover a new favorite place to relax and recharge.

Bike Tour in the Area

A nice outbound bike ride can be light on weight while promoting cardiovascular health. Do not forget to wear a helmet and water to water if you want to enjoy a longer drive on a pleasant day.

Try a yoga or stretch class.

I think we could use a bit more stretch now and then and use myself. There are a number of benefits to participating in a yoga or stretching class. Better flexibility, more muscle tone and definition, better balance, increased blood flow and relaxation are just some of them. A gentle or basic Hatha yoga class is a good start if you are not yet familiar with this form of exercise.

Listen to an audiobook.

Why not spend an hour on a rest day to train the brain muscle? Often, we only think about exercising our body muscles and forgetting that our brains need attention and variety too. Try to learn a new skill you've always done: gardening, cooking, browsing the bookstore. All this requires light movements that keep the body active.

Help others and help others.

Volunteering can be personally fulfilling and a great way to incorporate some easy exercises into the process. There are shelters across the country that need volunteers to walk and look after pets. Take a moment to explore a few local organizations where you live and find out how to get involved. It may be that giving and walking while walking gives you more benefits than the actual animal receiving the care. If you've ever thought of volunteering but do not know where to start, do a simple internet search in volunteer organizations near you or visit www.volunteermatch.org to learn about opportunities and facilities inform people who are looking for volunteers in certain areas.

By taking a rest day and making the most of it, it can help you both physically and mentally. Muscles take time to repair themselves, and by providing the necessary rest time, you can help prevent injuries and overuse in the future. The muscles need time to rebuild, and when they are under constant stress and strain, it will be hard to get the extra strength you have consistently worked on.

Now that you've reviewed some suggestions for your next day off, you'll need to think about how to spend it for a minute. Regardless of which activity you choose, you should consider the planning and go from there. Maybe you discover a new favorite pastime or experience a fun adventure that you never thought would happen. Grab some trail shoes, a bike helmet or a yoga mat and enjoy this day off!

Keep moving,

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