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Why all diets work for a short time

There are literally hundreds of diets and diet books available today. Every diet promises something special. When one diet is low in carbohydrates, the other is low in fat, while one diet book promises you one kilogram loss per day the other will teach you how to eat your blood type, but there are some that will detoxify you and others You need to stay hungry for a long time in the name of intermittent fasting. There are literally so many diets that if you follow a diet pattern for a few weeks, you will have a new diet for the rest of your life.

The word diets has somehow been associated with hunger. Whenever we hear about dieting, a layman is another low-calorie diet where he / she has to give away all their favorite foods and is constantly disturbed by rising hunger and cravings. But that's far from the truth and you can enjoy all your favorite foods while still achieving your weight goals. Of course, some moderation and control is required in the way you eat, but that does not mean hunger and withdrawal.

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Individual is different in many ways. The same program can work for someone and does not affect the other person. However, most diets do not work at all, and even if they do, there are certain reasons why they work and why they continue to work on some people.

One of the main reasons why people lose weight in a diet If they are taking any kind of diet regardless of their particulars, they would at the same time remove most of the waste from their diet. Almost all diets will tell you to avoid certain foods, and these foods are not common in any diet but must generally be avoided for a better life. These include excess sugars, trans fats, refined carbohydrates, too much preservatives and artificial sweeteners, etc. When you analyze these foods, you will find that the reasons why you should avoid these foods have been taught since childhood and that you are nothing special are learning from a diet book. At the same time, most diets encourage the addition of healthy foods to normal foods, such as fruits and vegetables of different colors, complex carbohydrates, omega-3 rich fats, lean meats, etc. But do we really need a diet book to understand this? Basically, most diet books remind you of healthy eating and nothing else. Worse, some do not even do that.

Another common reason why most people lose weight during a diet is that any dietary pattern, whether low in fat, low in carbohydrates, low in protein, low in calories, or low in all, will be one or the other How to reduce your overall calorie intake. If you closely observe a particular nutritional pattern, it will result in a lower total number of calories you consume in one day. Some drastically reduce calories, others gradually reduce them, but somehow all calories are reduced in one way or another. And the simple equation of less caloric intake V / s of total calorie consumption in a day lets you lose weight. Although there are a number of permutations and combinations for this equation, this equation generally works for most people.

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Placebo Effect

Whenever a person follows a diet book or dietician, she is psychologically geared to gaining weight to lose. The entire effort is aimed at achieving a healthy weight and reducing those unwanted kilos. Suppose you have a fever and a doctor gives you 2 tablets for consumption every other day. On one day, the doctor gives you the conventional medicine for a fever and the other day you are prescribed only a salt or sugar tablet. Most people will get an equally strong impact from both as their attitude is to get well. Your brain is extremely powerful and everything you believe you can achieve. This is exactly the principle used for the placebo effect.

Having understood the logic of why anyone loses weight with any type of diet, you need to understand the facts behind healthy and clean diets and the reasons not only to consume enough calories to maintain healthy body functions, but also to crave to reduce and eliminate any nutrient deficiencies in the body.

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