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Who is Gremlin in “The Masked Singer”?

The following story contains spoilers from last season of The masked singer.

We get it – you are obsessed with The masked singer, a show about a group of celebrities in disguise singing their hearts out to extend their 15-minute fame (and four judges who only exist to confuse us more). If you’re here, you’ve likely been puzzled by another guess from Jenny McCarthy too – so we’re here to help!

Week 2 will feature six more costumed celebrities, including one that could fuel our upcoming nightmares: Gremlin, some kind of terrifying purple creature. In case the truth is you̵

7;re searching for, below are clues as to the gremlin’s true identity, as well as some fan theories that you absolutely want to check out. (This post will be updated through season 4 of The masked singer.)

What clues do we have about the gremlin?

OK then So far, not many hints have been dropped since we were only in week 2. However, during the season preview episode, we learn a few things from the Gremlin himself:

  • “I can thrive when the temperature is a cool 66.5 degrees.” (Is this a backward reference to a boy band, 98 degrees?)
  • They also describe their lives as “chaotic” and their personalities as “playful,” which isn’t particularly revealing.

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    What do fans say about his identity?

    Are guesses pretty much anywhere as you can imagine, but one theory seems the most believable. On Reddit, some users believe Deal or no deal Host Howie Mandel is behind the mask; Mandel actually spoke gizmo in both Gremlins and Gremlins 2 Movies. Still, it’s a little obvious. Other Redditors claim it’s rapper Vanilla Ice; The 66.5 degree mention could just be a reference to his stage name. For now, we’ll have to wait until Wednesday’s episode to learn more about our mysterious Gremlin.

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