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Who is Fes in "Euphoria"? Facts about actor Angus Cloud

While Euphoria is as unique as it was proven in the early episodes, it still reviews many of the boxes found in other shows of the same genre: party, relationship drama and drug use. All recurring themes which turn the most important action points. Where Euphoria distracts the latter is how it deals with a key figure involved in the drug section of the show. Give fezco or fez for short.

The first episode of the series showed that Fez is another type of drug dealer: he takes care of Rue, our protagonist played by Zendaya. When we first see him, he supports her recent termination of rehab and sounds disappointed when she says she does not intend to stay clean. After a frightening encounter with Fentanyl in Episode 2, her relationship reached a climax at the end of Episode 3 when he did not allow her to take drugs ̵

1; for her own benefit.

There is a marked difference and a new ground in the genre for this type of character, which is likely to be either Jay (by Jay and Silent Bob – they were in Degrassi !) [Vorstellt19659004] type or one more sinister type of character, like most drug dealers in a show like Breaking Bad.

A tragic coincidence of Fez's character is also the fact that he bears a strong resemblance to Mac Miller, the late rapper who died last fall of an overdose of drugs is. The similarity was so great that fans could only think of Miller and wonder if the casting and the character were intended.

In reality, Fez is played by actor Angus Cloud. Euphoria is Cloud's first acting role listed in the IMDB. So he certainly has found a good project that can get things started. He graduated from the Oakland School of the Arts only three years ago .

Not much is available on Cloud, but he's on Instagram, where he opened an account just before the show started. He posts promos, behind-the-scenes photos and memes. Take a look at some of his contributions below:

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