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Whitney Way Thore's new training schedule is accessible to everyone

Photo: Instagram / @ whitneywaythore

When Whitney Way Thore began reporting on her newly discovered preference for social media training, her inbox flooded her followers' questions.

"People asked me about the time after all my training," says Thore, 34, PEOPLE . "I've got such a good response from people, whether they're fat people or people with different abilities or people who just do not trust their fitness level."

The star of My Big Fat Fabulous Das Life wanted to help the fans get fit and healthy ̵

1; but at first she was not sure how to do it.

"I've been thinking about what I could do to encourage or inspire others, but personal trainers are very expensive and not everyone has to spend an hour a day at the gym," she says.

Then, Thore met Ryan Andreas, a personal trainer who developed a daily training program that was only 24 minutes long, and she knew she found the perfect partner to create a training plan that her followers would love. Together they developed No BS Active – a program of daily online workouts that can be done from home for $ 20 a month.

This is a (one minute) example of what daily @ nobsactive training videos look like. @ryanandreas_ talking while I do all the work … TYPICAL – Every day you receive a link to the 24-minute video for that day in your email inbox. Monday is poor, Tuesday is legs, Wednesday is back, Thursday is core and Friday is full of body! You have access to these videos for the month and then switch to the next one. You will receive a NEW video for each day of the week. and next month and next month. @ryanandreas_ and I'm actually doing new workouts with you DAILY! ; – In addition, every week you receive a recipe, more exclusive videos (I can dance a few!) And access to a monthly webinar! Since these are sent to you as daily links, you can do them anytime if you want. – #NoBSactive #NoBodyShame

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. "I've trained people for ten years, and what I do is best a revolving door for people getting in and out. So I wanted to develop something that is sustainable. So somebody did not have to worry about spending $ 200-300 this month and not next month it's throwing things off, "Andreas says. "I wanted to develop something people could do from home that was short but still effective."

And while there are already hundreds of online training plans, Thore says No BS offers something different ,

"What I've heard from a lot of people is that they want representation, because there are fat people everywhere and fat people doing sports everywhere. I'm not an anomaly, "she says. "People are really excited that there is a training program that marks someone who looks and probably is much taller than them. That's something Ryan and I really worked together on. We even have modifications for you if you need to sit and not get to the floor. That really was ruled out for many beginners and overweight people. [Join: Watch as Whitney Way Thore Crush Cleans and Tightens a 100-pound Barbell]

Exercise has become a big part of Thor's life last year in the new season of My Big Fat Fabulous Life continued, premiering on January 1 at TLC. Thore says some of her previous training habits have led to messy and unhealthy habits. (See: Whitney Way Thore calls out trolls and asks her why she does not lose weight.)

"I always had the expectation that the weight loss would hang over me. That made me very hyper-focused on one goal, and that made me very impressed, "she says. "Every time I went to the gym afterwards, I could not enjoy it since 2011 and was scared. I think the gym can be a threatening environment where everything is focused on weight loss. "

But this time, Thore changed her way of thinking when it came to training.

About 8 months ago, I started working with Jessica Powell, my old trainer's daughter. I just talked to her. I said I did not want to focus on weight loss, I do not want to weigh myself, I just want to get in here and move, "she says. "For the first time in my life, I've actually lost weight without trying, which is pretty wild because it has never happened to me. Now I train to train. I train because I am fine. It's literally changed my whole life, and that's the message people should know. You can be active, and there are so many other benefits to losing weight. "

My Big Fat Fabulous Life Season 5 premiere January 1 at 8 pm. on TLC.

This story was originally published on People.com by Julie Mazziotta.

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