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While running, the Cyclon sneaker started with a subscription service

On Running makes these type of sneakers that you know someone is wearing when you wear them for a run Got it. You know! You don’t come to the world of On Running sneakers by chance. The company has focused on perfecting the perfect running shoes for different conditions and it doesn’t matter when it comes to optimal comfort and optimal performance.

    While the brand’s primary focus was on running, On Running was never about staying on track. Just because running is its heart and soul doesn’t mean it’s a pony with a passion: Today, On Running is launching a subscription-based service for its sneakers with a strong focus on sustainability. The service called Cyclon is all about sustainability from cradle to grave, which means that the shoes cause minimal environmental damage from their creation to their end.

    When running Cyclon Sneakers


    If you are just getting started with sustainability, this is a very easy way to get involved – and offers great pointers to consider for other areas of the shop. It’s easy for brands to get around terms like “recycling” and “sustainability” while maintaining sketchy practices. However, lifecycle services are a keyword worth knowing. This means that the brand not only takes responsibility for the manufacture of the product, but also for its disposal.

    Here’s how it works: Cyclon is designed to bring you up to speed on trying new environmentally friendly products from the brand and so that you recycle what you did. If you run out of shoes, send them back to the brand.

    “The Cyclon shoe does not have to be dismantled before recycling,” says Caspar Coppetti, co-founder of On. “The entire product can be crushed and ground without an additional step.” At the beginning the materials for the production of the speedboards are used (between the midsole and the upper material). The end goal? Production of all new Cyclon shoes from recycling old ones.

    Not only is the system designed to get as close to waste as possible, but the brand is also bringing out a sneaker that goes with the theme: a fully recyclable, lightweight running shoe made from … beans. Yes. Fifty percent of the Cyclon sneakers are made from castor beans.

    “Cyclon consists of high-performance polyamide compounds, [which] is recycled many times over, “says Coppetti.

    Sign up for the service with a $ 29.99 deposit to be first in line for these Cyclon sneakers, available to subscribers only in late 2021. The price for the subscription is $ 29.99 per month with a six month commitment.

    Essentially, On is about driving technological advances in footwear, sustainability, and even shopping, which you practically don’t have to do with a subscription. All you really have to do, of course, is the actual running.

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