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What's on your summer playlist?


As a former radio host, I find myself very versatile in music. I worked for Top 40, Hip Hop, Rock, Country and Soft Rock, so I never had a favorite genre – just an appreciation for talent and good music. Every summer I create a playlist of some of my favorite songs mixed with some of the biggest hits of the year (in my opinion). This list is filled with some slow songs, some dance hits, old skool jams and good songs that go along with long summer nights and campfires.

This year, I decided to put together a similar summer playlist, but with a twist – a fitness twist! I'll call it: My 2018 Epic Summer Fitness Playlist. Catchy, right? This playlist will not only motivate me in the gym but will also transfer me to my summer parties, long summer rides and of course all epic beach days and campfires. Below are a few of the songs I hear in my headphones, while standing hard in the gym, doing a long run outside, or simply chilling out with friends in the summer of 2018.

10 results [19659005] Add to your Summer Fitness Playlist

1) Fergalicious by Fergie

Fergie Pre-National Anthem was pretty epic! What? Too early? With lyrics like "I'm in the gym and I'm working on my fitness" – which girl does not like this song? Not only will you be a little faster on the step mill to get that hit, but it will also help you forget about burning in your hammocks for about 3 minutes and 46 seconds. Throw it up with the girls for an epic sing-a-long session one night before.

2) Bodak Yellow by Cardi B

From her breakout hits to her crazy red-carpet interviews to sitting the Queen of Vogue during Fashion Week – this was definitely the year of Cardi B! "Bodak Yellow" in the gym. Use this when lifting and I guarantee that you will make a new PR in no time. Just do not try, others the scary "Bardi-stare!" To give

3) House Party by Sam Hunt

So, after a recent bachelorette party in Nashville with a few friends – I'm thrilled with this song! This will be a go-to-cardio song for me, and a go-to song for parties all summer long. Sam Hunt is currently taking over the country music scene and winning the hearts of all girls, regardless of their feelings about the genre. Add this song for the big tempo and of course, the eye candy.

4) I want to dance with someone from Whitney Houston

I like to be a bit biased when it comes to Whitney Houston songs, but this song is a major staple in a summertime playlist. Another cardio go-to, this song is perfect for a morning pick me up on any machine. I usually follow this song with another Whitney classic "How Will I Know" for a Whitney Pump Me Up session; but that's up to you. And I do not think I have to mention how fast these songs can start any party!

5) 24K Magic by Bruno Mars

If you do not have any Bruno Mars songs on your summer playlist, then you're doing something wrong. There is really nothing wrong with his fast hits in the studio, but my personal favorite is "24K Magic". There's something about hearing a Bruno Mars song that makes you feel cooler than you do, right? Throw it up and stream down the gym or down the beach this summer!

6) There are no more tears left by Ariana Grande

She is baaack! After a rollercoaster year 2017, Ariana Grande is back with a dance party hit, where you will dance the whole summer with your girlfriends on the dance floor. Speaking of hurling – throw this blow when you're on a bike, and I bet you'll sweat in no time.

7) Footloose from Kenny Loggins

OK, OK – do not knock on you try it. Trust me, when the beat of this song matches your feet on the treadmill – it's like Buttah! You'll run faster than ever before and even push yourself beyond the time limit you've previously set just to finish the song. Do you want to turn an ordinary party into an epic dance party? Well, here you go! "Everyone cut footloose!"

8) Filthy by Justin Timberlake

"Haters gon & # 39; say it's a fake!" Justin Timberlake is another reason that you feel cooler than you are in the studio. The beat of this song is great when pumping iron, but it works well to pose and label these gym selfies. And we all know that there is no summer like a JT summer! Grab the girls and have a JT Jam every day of the week!

9) Despacito by Luis Fonsi ft. Daddy Yankee

2017, 2018, 2095 – I really do not care what year it is – when "Despacito" beats my headphones, car stereo or home speakers: I DANCE! It really does not matter what you do in the gym when that success comes. You could tie your shoe or fill your water bottle, which is a must in your fitness playlist and, of course, your summer dance playlist!

10) Beyoncé's adult wife

WWBD – What would Beyoncé do? ? Well, she would put on her sports clothes and finish her workout LIKE A BOSS with one of her very own songs! As a Beehive card carrier, I could have selected any Queen Bey song to add to this playlist. However, this song appeals to every woman and takes you to another level. As soon as you hear the beat, you know immediately, it's time to go to work! In the gym or outside – this is another summer hit on your playlist!

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