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What you should wear on the first date

There's nothing like getting your first date on with your crush just to realize that you have no idea what to wear 15 minutes before you have to leave.

It seems that men have it easier than women when it comes to putting together an outfit, and that's probably true. But there are still some ways that guys can mess up and make a false first impression. That's why it could be a big mistake to throw something in the last minute before you leave the door.

What does a guy do? Do not be afraid, because we've put together the most important style rules, some fashion DOs and DON & Ts and some outfit recommendations to get you started. Here you will learn everything you should wear on the first date.

It's about the fit

The most important thing is not how much money you spend on your clothes, but how well it fits your body. The last thing you want is for your date to be distracted from your loose and choppy getting up. Usually a fitted (but not skintight) silhouette where your clothes hug the body but do not stiffen your body is the best way. Look for items such as a tailored tuxedo jacket, straight-leg jeans or a slim button-down shirt. It's just about wearing the clothes instead of getting your clothes on.

Pay attention to the details

Sometimes it's the smallest things that are perceived. Before leaving home, make sure every aspect of your look gets to the point. This means ironing every last wrinkle, brushing away every last piece of lint and leaving the right number of buttons on your shirt open (2-3 maxs) Your date will not only guess how you look, but you'll feel as well much more confident.

Think Where You're Meeting

Do you pull casual drinks in a dive bar, or get a more elegant dinner? Get dressed for the occasion, plan your outfit according to where you go Your date almost certainly takes into account the location and the nature of the atmosphere, so they expect the same from you. Being on the same page in terms of clothing is an important part of the first date experience.

Style DOs and DON & # 39; Ts

While every potential worshiper has different preferences and preferences, certain rules must be observed before you leave the door.

YES: [1
9659013] ALWAYS always wear a watch: If you always wear one on your first date, then it's a nice watch. It does not have to be too expensive either – wear a metal band for an elegant dinner or opt for a casual version for a casual day out. If you have only one, your entire look feels complete and joined together.
  • Tilt to Dark or Neutral Colors: Unobtrusive, subdued colors keep your entire look on the ground. Think Navy, Gray, White and Black. It focuses on you and your conversation, not on what you wear. This also applies to your jeans. Dark laundry, always. During the day, the colors and washes are a bit more flexible. Feel free to have a bit more fun.
  • Wear high quality underwear: When your first date lands in the bedroom, you do not want to be the guy with the thin, stretched, crunchy things or cartoon boxers. A beautiful pair of perfectly fitting, neutral boxers will never misdirect you. And even if the clothes never come loose, you can focus on the date with the perfect pair, not chafing or wedgies.
  • A small splash of Cologne: Smelling good is just as important as getting dressed the right way. A simple spray of your favorite scent (one in your shirt and one near your neck) is all you need to get a subtle effect. No need to go crazy with cologne. You do not want the smell to overwhelm the room.
  • Polish Your Shoes: Please do not overlook the importance of clean shoes. If you wear dress shoes, a quick black or brown polish is enough to make them look completely new. If you opt for sneakers, make sure that all signs of wear and tear have disappeared. Jason Markk makes the best shoe cleaning solution to help.
    1. NO:

      • Hoodies: Leave the hoodies for just about every other place except the first date. You want your date to know that you are putting effort into your outfit. If, for some reason, you meet someone outdoors to meet in the cold, opt for a cashmere sweater and denim jacket. Layers show intent – Hoodies are the opposite.
      • Open Shoes: Nobody wants to see your toenails – no matter how well-groomed they are – on the first date. Even if the date is super casual on a warm day, choose a traveling loafer or moccasin instead.
      • Indoor Hats or Sunglasses: Do not be fooled into trying to hide something immediately. If you keep a hat, you may think that you are busy with covering up hair loss. Sunglasses make a closed impression and wearing in closed rooms does not make you accessible.
      • Ties: The first appointments should make everyone feel comfortable. Ties feel a little stuffy and serious – so it's okay to leave them at home. Even if you make a date somewhere elegant, a tailored suit and shirt can do wonders.
      • Busy Patterns: We do not say your outfit needs to be boring, but leave the glaring prints and crazy patterns at home. If you try to show off your bizarre and carefree personality through your clothes, first build smaller pieces like a colorful pocket square or printed dress socks. Otherwise, you stay with the foolproof, neutral colors everywhere and let your humor speak for yourself – not through your clothes. Outfit Ideas: Dressy / Evening

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