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What you should eat for breakfast, depending on what kind of morning person you are

This article was created in collaboration with Daily Harvest.

Love them or hate them, tomorrow is part of life. Maybe you're the kind of person who naturally wakes up at 6am (nothing personal, but we hate you). Or maybe you barely have time to brush your hair on the way to work. No matter what type you are, there is a breakfast for you.

The trick is figuring out where to start. That's why we teamed up with Daily Harvest to build the best breakfast for any morning person. Daily Harvest makes good food that fits into your life (read: ready to eat in just 30 seconds), so you never have to worry about the most important meal of the day. Do you want to have the best morning? Lehgo.

  Daily Harvest Breakfast Bowls <! –

1. The Early Riser Exerciser

You like to jump out of bed and sweat first, which means you need a breakfast to help you recover and recharge you for the rest of the day. Oatmeal is a savory and nutritious option, but if you starve after training, you do not want to wait for the cooking to be slow.

This is where the new Apple + Cinnamon Oat Bowl from Daily Harvest comes in. Daily Harvest's perfectly portioned, chef-prepared meals make the immune system ready to eat and filled with fruit and vegetables in minutes. Cinnamon and cloves add tons of aroma with no sugar pile, almond butter boosts protein, and cauliflower (you do not even know it's in there!) Keeps it light and nutritious.

. 2 The Mantra Maven

They love the early hours of the morning, but they like to do it at a slow pace, starting with meditation and maybe a light yoga flow. So why not take your time with breakfast?

Our favorite meal in the morning is a frittata. These four-ingredient recipes are easy to prepare, but feel like a relaxing brunch. Just put the bowl in the oven while working through your morning mantras, and then serve a slice with one side of fruit.

. 3 The Fashionable Late Commuter

It's hard enough to be able to work at a decent hour, let alone your body, if you run 30 minutes behind. But if you do not eat, you will definitely end up restless and moody at 10:00 in the morning.

Smoothies are a dream come true because they are wearable and easy to drink. Try a little more Ging + Greens Daily Harvest Smoothie. It is packed with ginger, apple cider vinegar, spinach and avocado to increase energy, combat inflammation and keep you full. We recommend that you bring a stock of smoothies to your door so you can get started anytime you press the snooze button.

. 4 The Night Owl

They wanted to go to bed last night before midnight. Seriously, you tried! But no matter how hard you are, you can not just calm your brain down to a decent hour. Inevitably, you wake up every morning and feel as if you had fallen asleep 10 minutes ago.

Try adding a caffeine kick to your breakfast. Prepare this coffee toffee banana bread on Sunday (or, if you can not fall asleep, at 1 in the morning), and you can cut the slices in the morning when you need it. The bread is sweetened with just a touch of brown sugar, making it a pretty healthy option, and you can top it up with all the nuts and spices your coveted little heart desires.

. 5 The Party Animal

The hang of last night was a great time. Now you should somehow gather for the day? SOS. It's tempting to grab greasy food, but if you go for a fast food breakfast, you'll feel slower.

If you want a sandwich, choose one of these homemade varieties. Or skip the preparatory work (who has time for endless chopping?) And make your brunch with a Daily Harvest Sweet Potato + Wild Rice Hash Harvest Bowl. It's a vegetarian load of the classic burrito bowl designed to wake you up, keep you full and out the door. In addition, it is crowned with our favorite breakfast ingredient: avocado.

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