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What this guy learned to wear the same shirt every day for 3 years

When YouTuber Matt D’Avella started experimenting with simple living, his wardrobe felt like an obvious place to start scaling down. He removed all of the clothes he hadn’t worn in a year, leaving only a pair of tried and tested T-shirts and jeans. “Those were my favorite clothes, those were the things I wore all the time,” he says.

He soon found that most days when he got dressed in the morning he would go for the same t-shirt, so he decided to simply buy multiple versions of it and in 20 shirts of the same J.Crew design in gray and invest in charcoal. With exceptions such as dates, weddings, and other formal occasions, D̵

7;Avella wore one of these shirts every day.


One of the first things he learned? Other people don’t care what you wear. “Most people spend so much time thinking about themselves that they don’t have the time to think about what you’re wearing,” he says. “Didn’t anyone notice because I work from home? Probably. But I do a lot of YouTube videos and I found that nobody seemed to care what I was wearing. In fact, because I wear the same shirt every day that people were expecting it. “

Another huge benefit over time was that wearing the same thing every morning saved time and gave him one less decision – the same rationale Steve Jobs used for wearing his uniform turtleneck. Reducing decision fatigue meant D’Avella had more spiritual energy and could make higher quality decisions related to other aspects of his life.

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“You make a decision, once, and you stick with that decision over the long term. When you do this with many things in your life, it has a compound effect,” he says. “You decide to wake up at 7 a.m. each day, wear the same shirt and pants, eat the same breakfast, and follow the same routine. If you had to make these decisions every day, it would wear out some of the other really important decisions that you need to meet in your life. Add variety and spontaneity where it matters to you. If you try to reinvent your routines and daily decisions over and over again, you are doing a great deal of work for very little return on your investment Summarizing these decisions in advance gives you space and mental clarity for the really important decisions in life. “

Of course, for those who think aesthetically who are figuring out their look for the day is one of the most important decisions in life. If so, you can ignore it.

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