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What they are good for, how to shop and 10 brands to try

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CBD – short for cannabidiol – is an active ingredient in the cannabis plant.

In the past decade, the therapeutic potential of CBD has amassed an army of loyal fanatics. And while research is still young, there is a lot of research that supports these claims.

To maintain the effects of CBD, you can smoke, ingest and / or rub it on your skin. And an increasingly popular method is to take CBD in a rubbery form.

CBD gums are not only tasty, they're also discreet (they don't stink of weeds), and they don't harbor the risks associated with smoking. [1

9659006] Since there are no official dosing guidelines for CBD and studies show that the effectiveness varies greatly from person to person, we recommend working with a healthcare professional to find the right dose.

If you decide to experiment yourself, start small. For CBD that doesn't contain THC (also known as CBD isolate or broadband CBD), 25 milligrams is a good starting dose. And for CBD that contains THC (also known as full-spectrum CBD), start at 10 milligrams.

Remember that depending on the weight and / or severity of the condition you are trying to use, you may need to use a little more

If you use CBD daily for chronic problems such as anxiety, you should change your dosage over time increase gradually. You can find detailed instructions on how to increase CBD intake in our article on finding the right dosage.

The current boom in CBD products – combined with limited government regulation – means that there are tons of brands that make exaggerated claims and misrepresent CBD's potency and lack of testing for potentially harmful contaminants.

Against this background, we used strict verification criteria to compile this list. All of the products we recommend have up-to-date test results that demonstrate their effectiveness and safe levels of mold, pesticides and heavy metals.

Remember what works for one person – not to mention the taste good for one person – might not be your cup of tea. Use this as a guide, but know that you may have to try a few brands until you find your personal winner.

Best for pain relief

Social CBD Red Raspberry CBD gums with a wide range

Price: $ 59.99
CBD per serving: 12.5 mg
total CBD : 750 mg
Number of Gums: 60
CBD Type: Wide Spectrum

] These gums have great reviews and just enough CBD to relieve pain at low to medium levels to help. This gummy bear has a raspberry flavor, but Social CBD also offers gummy bears with peach, mango and lemon flavors. You can also buy rubbers in packs of 10 if you want to test them before buying a large pack.

Verma Farms Maui Melon 500 mg CBD gums

Price: USD 46.99
Mg per serving: 21 mg
Mg total: 500 mg
Number of gums: 24
CBD type: Broadband

With 21 milligrams of broad spectrum CBD per piece, this is one of the stronger CBD gums on the list, making it ideal for pain relief, if lower dosages don't help.

This particular product is melon-flavored, soft, and sugar-coated, but Verma Farms offers a number of other flavors and types of gums, including gummy worms and gummy bears.

Best for calming anxiety

Calm of wellness hemp vegan CBD gummies

Price: $ 39.99
Mg per serving: 10 mg
Mg total: 300 mg
Number of gums: 30
Type of CBD: Broadband
Benefits: Vegan

Calm by Wellness is generally recommended in forums for chronic anxiety and judged by the impressive collection of positive reviews and testimonials on their website. They have established themselves as a brand for anxiety-relieving CBD products.

There are two wonderful tropical aromas of CBD gums in every glass: orange hibiscus and strawberry guava.

Note: ] Sorry, there are no online test results available for Calm By Wellness for 2020. They will send you an email when you request it.

Lift fashion hemp multivitamin CBD Gummies

Price: $ 15.88
Mg per serving: 20.8 mg
Mg total: 250 mg
Number of Gums: ] 16
CBD type: Isolate
Benefits: Vegan, gluten-free, lactose-free and GMO-free, contain B vitamins

These gums are a good choice if you I want to treat anxiety because it also contains B vitamins. One study showed that taking B vitamins daily for 60 days significantly improved participants' anxiety symptoms.

Most suitable for falling asleep

CBD sleep gum from hemp bomb

Price: 99.99 USD
mg per serving : 12 mg
Mg total: 720 mg
Number of gums: 60
CBD type: Broad spectrum

The CBD sleeping pads from Hemp Bomb contain a mixture of sleep-promoting ingredients, including melatonin (5 milligrams each), L-theanine , Scutellaria and Passiflora.

They also come in handy packs of 5 if you want to test them before buying a larger pack.

Note: While they market the gums with 900 milligrams of CBD in the bottle (and 15 milligrams in each gummy bear), the laboratory results show less. We have included the quantities from the laboratory report in this section.

Charlotte's Web CBD Gummies for Sleep

Price: $ 44.99
Mg per serving: 10 mg
Mg total: 600 mg
Number of gums: 60
CBD type: Full spectrum hemp

Each of these gums also contains 3 milligrams of melatonin, which surprise, surprise, surprise. That is why it is another of our ways to improve sleep.

This gummy bear also has a full spectrum, which means that it contains all vegetable cannabinoids – including THC. Research suggests that this increases the potential benefits of CBD, a phenomenon known as the entourage effect.

Note: This company will not display laboratory results until after you have made a purchase . Best to avoid THC: CBD isolate

FABCBD's CBD chewing

Price: $ 59
Mg per serving: 25 mg
Mg total: 750 mg
Number of gums: 30
Type of CBD: CBD isolate
Advantages: Gluten-free, GMO-free, fruit-flavored and vegan

The cannabis advocacy group americanmarijuana.org rates FABCBD 100 percent in terms of quality, effectiveness, price and transparency. Because CBD isolate rubbers are less common than other types of rubbers, we chose this brand because of its reputation.

Pure Kana CBD gums

Price: 40 USD
Mg per serving: 25 mg
Mg total: 500 mg
Number of gums: 20
Type of CBD: CBD Isolate
Benefits: Vegan, Fruit Flavored

] Pure Kana's CBD gums are a great success among those who have had a THC – Seek Free CBD Relief: Of the 103 reviews on their website, their average rating is 4.8 / 5 stars.

Many reviewers are particularly enthusiastic about the taste. One person posted it on their website: “I love the taste and texture of these rubbers. They are really fruity but not too sweet, so they are just right … I recommend them if you love convenience and good taste. “

Publisher preferred

KIVA Camino Sparkling Pear Gummies

Price: Not listed
Mg per serving: 6 mg (+2 mg) THC)
Mg total: 120 mg (+40 mg THC)
Number of gums: 20
CBD type: Full spectrum (with added THC) [19659002] KIVA Camino Sparkling Pear Gummies are said to be a “social” Have an effect: You experience a gentle high of THC as well as the calming benefits of CBD.

KIVA products can only be bought in selected stores. They do not ship their products.

Buy CBD now Hempy Hour Smiley Gummies

Price: $ 24.99
CBD per serving: 10 mg
Total CBD: 250 mg
Number of gums : 25
Type of CBD: CBD Isolate

We'll be honest, we really love the taste of these sour gums. Her lipped flavors include lemon, green apple, fruit punch, orange or blue raspberry.

No, CBD can't get you up there.

Tetrahydrocannabinol, also known as THC, is the heady cannabinoid found in cannabis. In other words, THC is why weeds get you high. And CBD isolate and broadband CBD do not contain THC.

Full-spectrum CBD products contain THC, but less than 0.3 percent, which is not enough to feel impaired.

Still, many cannabis products combine CBD with a reasonable amount of THC, which can definitely get you high. If so, this will be stated on the label. So be sure to read this label, folks.

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When should I expect it?

This depends on your specificity depending on the body and the condition for which you are using it.

In one study, for example, participants took 25 milligrams of CBD daily for a month to see how their anxiety diminishes and sleep improves. Anecdotally, many people report that CBD relieves anxiety 30 and 90 minutes after ingestion.

This lack of clarity is another important reason to work with a doctor or nurse. Otherwise, it may take some investment to land on your CBD sweet spot.

CBD gums can be purchased online, but we recommend that you go to a local store if there is one near you. [19659002] The people behind the counter in cannabis shops and health food stores often know a lot about cannabis products, so you can raise questions from them.

And it is not only ethical to support a local company, certain brands only sell their products in stores and do not ship.

CBD's proven application is the treatment of certain forms of epilepsy. In fact, the only FDA-approved form of CBD is a prescription drug called Epidiolex, which is used to treat rare seizures.

There are also numerous preclinical studies that show that CBD has the potential to treat anxiety, inflammation (which helps with pain) and psychotic symptoms.

Since CBD was practically illegal in the United States until 2018, it was difficult to raise research funds. But now that regulation is loosening and the market for CBD is growing – in the US and around the world – new research results are constantly coming out.

It is complicated. In the U.S., CBD products made from hemp are legal under federal law as long as they contain less than 0.3 percent THC. However, the law still varies from state to state. Some states have not legalized CBD at all, while other states have allowed all cannabis products to be sold.

Check where your state is here.

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