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What Jules & # 39; s Big Twist at & # 39; s; Euphoria & # 39; really means

Warning: This post contains spoilers for the fourth episode of euphoria. Stop reading now if you have not seen it yet.

  • The main character this week was Hunter Schafer's Jules.
  • Jules, who had texted with Tyler, found that he was really Nate, the violent Scot.
  • This is the reason why this moment brings about a great change.

    When Euphoria completed his first season, there were a number of details that the audience – and sometimes the narrative from Zendaya's Rue ̵

    1; knew more than the figures displayed on the screen. For one thing, Cal Jacobs was the last twist of the first episode that Jules had met at the hotel. Later it turned out that he was a big wig of the city and the father of one of her classmates.

    Another we all knew a few weeks ago: Jules – new online candidate named ShyGuy, who said his name was "Tyler", was actually Nate Cal's ] violent football player son. Later this week, the truth about this reality was presented on screen, and we saw Jules responding to a truly groundbreaking turn – and heartbreaker as well.

    At first, it seemed as if Nate was really talking in his digital correspondence as well as in his initial words. Is he really "Tyler" from the inside? For a moment both the audience and Jules are wrestling with this possibility. But it does not take long for the next shoe to fall – after Jules' smallest initial pressure, Nate immediately resorts to the methodological, violent and ruthless nature we've seen in recent weeks and even earlier in the past He came into contact with Maddie and left a mark on her neck.

    In another American Psycho-Plan Nate immediately designs a long, detailed plot that would – long story short, make Jules' life. She has no choice but to submit, and is obviously crushed by the events that have just happened. Before her meeting ends, Jules gets one last jolt: "I think you're a fucking fagot, just like your daddy."

    Obviously, Nate is the worst bunch in a show full of people who misbehave. He is violent, reckless, and has so far caused all the trouble he has come in contact with, from Jules to Maddie, McKay and the real Tyler.

    And in a show that has become such an important topic of duality, and the notion that everything is not as it seems, it is interesting that the show continues to struggle with the idea and entertain that Nate can not be just a violent, loose cannon from a person who really needs to be treated, but also from someone with profound problems who deal with his own sexuality.

    What happens next in this story is really anyone's guess. It was made clear that Nate – like his father – has a big secret that he keeps. He will do his best to ensure that it does not come out. The show has already treated his character brilliantly and clearly shows at what level intrigues, extreme violence for which he is prepared to justify his own moral state of emergency as well as protect himself or someone he cares about. As befits a good show, Euphoria set the bet, and during the entire fourth episode, everything felt very real.

    Jules can not turn around after her confrontation with Nate and retires to Rue's house, where she spends the night and shares an intimate moment (after Jules refused Rue in the episode last week) ). Whether their intimate moment is more than just a friendship or just a reactionary moment, they all have a safety net together – a place to go home when things get rough. In both cases, it is important that this stable rock is present.

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