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What is the Whole30 diet and can it help you lose weight?

Trendy diets often contain crazy rules. The guiding principle of the ketogenic diet is that you limit carbohydrate intake to no more than 10 percent of your daily calorie (that's nothing). With Paleo, you can only eat foods that were available 10,000 years ago. But the Whole30 Diet takes the rule to a whole new level.

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And according to founder Melissa Hartwig, certified sports nutritionist, these rules are not arbitrary. Before starting the program Hartwig worked as a personal trainer and nutrition coach, but is not a dietician. Whole30 is designed to help people figure out how food physically and psychologically affects them, whether they are hungry for food or feel lethargic.

But how do you do that? And is it a good diet for weight loss and general health? What you should know:

What is the Whole30 diet?

Hartwig explains that Whole30 is designed as an elimination diet that aids people in detecting food sensitivities, which is why so many things are limited. They basically eliminate the "forbidden foods" for 30 days and gently add them back, she says.

"I think people understand the program wrong," explains Hartwig. "It's a self-experiment, after which there is a whole outlined plan to translate what you have learned into a sustainable lifestyle."

Humans could try an excretory diet if they frequently get gas bloating, digestive problems or even rashes and suspect a food allergy or intolerance.

Alyssa Ardolino, R.D. at the International Food Information Council, however, recommends an elimination diet only for those with severe gastrointestinal problems. She believes that drastic measures are not necessary.

"Normally, people with GI problems have discovered which foods are bothering them," she tells MensHealth.com . "Sometimes you can just eliminate one or the other food instead of going that drastic."

As Ardolino explains, it is best to consult with a doctor to develop an individual approach to determining if food can cause health problems.

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What can I eat with the Whole30 diet?

This plan is not for the faint hearted of foods prohibited during the diet:

Added real and artificial sugars : This means that no maple syrup, agave, honey, coconut sugar, stevia or date syrup

is used ] Alcohol : not even cooking

Grains : including wheat, oats, corn, quinoa and buckwheat

Legumes : all beans, peas, chickpeas len tils and peanuts are out. Yes, that means no peanut butter.

Soy : soy sauce, miso, tofu, tempeh, edamame are omitted.

Dairy : Cow, goat or sheep milk products

Carrageenan, MSG or sulphites [19659004] Baked Goods, Junk Foods or Treats with "approved" Whole30 ingredients: It is not OK to replicate a cookie with Whole30-approved ingredients.

There is also a complete list of additives that are not approved, see the website of Whole30.

So, what can you eat? Meat, seafood, eggs, vegetables, natural fats (needs, avocado olive oil) and fruits. There are certain exceptions to the no-dairy and soy-rule. For example, clarified butter and coconut amino are allowed.

Lists of prohibited and approved On their website are 30 food items.

What are the benefits of Whole30?

Whole30 does not promise to fix all of your health problems, but it offers a very long list of benefits that dieters have experienced, including:

  • Less blemishes 19659032] Thicker hair
  • Less bloated
  • Less constipation , Bloating and feeling of fullness
  • Less cravings
  • Improved relationship with food
  • Better sleep
  • More energy

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    "We have legitimate hundreds of thousands of testimonies," says Hartwig. "We hear of people reporting an improvement in allergies, migraines and longing."

    Of course, all of these benefits are anecdotal, so there is no scientific evidence to show that Whole30 really does, says Ardolino. And how we feel depends on more than we eat for dinner.

    "Our health is not just based on what we eat. It also depends on how stressed we are [and] how much sleep we get, "she says.

    But Ardolino says there is a positive aspect to Whole30: its focus on whole foods versus processed products.

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    So the whole thing 30 will help you lose weight?

    Before you lose weight In this context it is important to Emphasize that the Whole30 does not market itself as a weight loss diet.One of the rules is that you can only weigh yourself on the first and last day of the diet to lose weight after following the plan.

    "If you Real sustainable weight loss is the result of natural sustained weight loss. "

    The removal of processed foods – especially refined sugars – is the renter of almost all physician-approved diets, according to research by Harvard TH The Chan School of Public Health, published in New England Journal of Medicine consumes high quality foods – vegetables, whole grains, fruits, nuts and natural yoghurt – Is well-processed for your waistline when eating, sugary foods are usually one of the main factors for weight gain.

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    But if you look at the whole thing, that does not mean that you can magically lose pounds, as you can still exaggerate it on calorie-containing foods like avocados, nuts and dried fruits.

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    Is It Healthy?

    According to Hartwig, one of the best things about Whole30 is that you can cook

    "They come to the kitchen and buy real whole food, and they cook," she says of Whole30 supporters. "That's the most important thing people can do if they want to start being healthier too eat. "

    Hartwig is not based. Studies show that restaurant meals contain far more calories than a person needs in a single meal. The study published in April 2016 showed that an average restaurant dish has about 1,200 calories.

    And while Ardolino Whole30 attaches importance to nutritious foods such as fruits, vegetables and healthy fats. She does not like it, that limits the food groups. In addition, the dietitian believes that the idea of ​​good and bad food can promote negative feelings in people with disturbed eating habits.

    "If someone then erodes and eats one of those foods that are banned, that's when the feeling of shame and guilt comes," she says.

    For people who want to lose weight, Ardolino recommends something drastic: to avoid the scales.

    "I truly believe that someone who wants to improve their health can set aside the goal of weight loss," she explains.

    Ardolino believes that building good habits should always be your primary goal. Start by adding just one more serving of fruits and vegetables to your day. Take a walk or increase the number of visits to the gym from two to three times a week.

    She also advises to be careful whether you are really hungry before eating or not. "Take a second and say," Am I trying to solve a problem by eating this food?

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