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What is the serial podcast and how did it happen?

On March 10, HBO's premiere The Fall Against Adnan Syed will feature a four-part documentary series that killed the 1999 murder of the high school in Baltimore, Hae Min Lee, and the confusion and controversy surrounding it about 20 years later , You've probably already heard this story: The man accused of killing Lee, her ex-boyfriend Adnan Syed, was the subject of the mega hit podcast Serial of the world with its dramatic investigations into these Circles still fascinated by dim data and had their employees play CSI . But if you've missed it – or you just need a quick refresher of its many entanglements ̵

1; you'll find everything you need to know here.

What is the serial podcast?

serial is a podcast that was spun off the popular public radio program This American Life. It was co-designed and moderated by Sarah Koenig, a former reporter for The New York Times and Baltimore Sun . Combining investigative journalism and long storytelling – plus a soup confection of an old-fashioned radio drama and a damnably creepy title song – it quickly became a podcast everyone wanted to emulate with a Macbook and a microphone. The first season with the Peabody Award was a world record for downloads, and soon everyone, even people who had never heard of a "podcast" before, had a cause for amateurism in the case of Adnan Syed. 19659002] Who is Adnan Syed?

The first season of Serial was sentenced to secondary school in 1999 for the murder of his ex-girlfriend, 18-year-old Hae Min Lee. After Lee's body was strangled and partially buried in Baltimore Leakin Park, the police received an anonymous phone call pointing out Syed. The subsequent investigations and prosecutions were based essentially on a dubious interpretation of cell phone records as well as on the ever-changing testimony of a possible witness / accessory of still doubtful reliability. In the meantime, Syed herself was never allowed to testify in court. All these factors – along with the portrait that his acquaintances of a beloved child, a star athlete and a perfectly nice guy who would never hurt anyone – were skeptical of whether he could have done such a brutal crime. even before the show. Nevertheless, Syed was sentenced to life imprisonment in 2000. He appears in prison during a series of recorded phone interviews in which he continues to maintain his innocence. Serial

Who else was involved in Adnan Syed's trial?

Part of Serial 's Rabbit Hole Attraction is its large cast of colorful supporting characters, each of which intervenes in the story, which is incorporated into the story in various ways He slowly revealed episodes – and one of those classic "red stringboards" was needed to stay straight. Besides Syed and Lee, the main characters with whom we know the following are: Jay, Syed's occasional buddy, who provided the only direct evidence against Syed when he told the police he'd helped him bury Lee's body; Jay's close friend Jennifer, who similarly told the police that Jay had confessed her after her number mysteriously surfaced in Syed's call logs; and Don, Lee's older boyfriend, who worked with her at Lenscrafters and whose own alibi is questionable that day. There is also Cristina Gutierrez, the defending defender, whose corrupt representation of Syed formed the basis for several objections that he later addressed to his convictions. Serial and their Legion of Earphone Detectives had plenty of room to figure out what really actually happened.

What did really happened in Serial?

As thousands of still angry Reddit threads are confirming, we still are not sure if they are. Serial begins with the presumption of Syed's innocence raised by lawyer Rabia Chaudry, a childhood friend of Syed, who brought the case to King. Over time, the show casts doubt on the official version of events. It reveals countless contradictions in all the testimonies of everyone, especially Jay, and shows how much the prosecution based these blurred, possibly falsified memories on some possibly misinterpreted cell phone data. It also uncovers some inexplicably unexplored nooks – including a potential alibi for Syed that has never been interviewed – and examines how Syed may have contributed to jury bias as a Muslim. But it does not completely free him. Apparently everyone in this tangled web has a suspicious side story, even the guy who discovered Lee's body (a convicted public streaker who claims he's just looking for a place to pee). At the end of the season, Koenig himself says she is no closer to understanding actual events, and we are not nearly five years after completion.

What impact did the series have on Adnan Syed's case?

At the time of the first season of Serial & # 39; which ended in 2014, Syed already had an appeal to a higher court. In 2016, she eventually reached a judge in Baltimore suspending Syed's conviction and ordered a new trial for Syed aimed at reconsidering this flimsy evidence for mobile phones, and his lawyer's failure to name a classmate, Asia McClain. To interview Koenig said she had seen Syed in the library at the time of the murder. Whether Syed will actually receive this new process is currently firmly anchored in the Court of Appeals, which has undertaken to make its final decision no later than 31 August 2019. One can say with certainty that the overwhelming interest of the population in the Serial exists] has resumed the investigation – and sought a kind of closure for this chaos – a real occasion showing no signs of weakening no matter what the board actually decides.

What Other Impact Has Serial ]

In addition to HBO's The Case Against Adnan Syed in which both the original story and its sequel are retold, the show has spawned an Investigation Discovery Special. and two books about Syed by Rabia Chaudry and Asia McClain. Chaudry also moderates a podcast on the subject, Undisclosed . It has also fueled a continuing debate over the case, which continues to spread on the Internet – including one about the role that Serial and King may have helped to disguise or even exploit him. And while the following seasons of Serial could not quite start in the same way, the first season immediately made the show a model of the podcasting form and inspired countless copycats and parodies. This has also contributed to a general enthusiasm for true crime stories in all formats. Like the secret of Hae Min Lee, this is far from over.

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