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What is the best way to lose weight?

Some people believe that the only way to change your body is to be in a sweaty pile every day at the gym or to spend hours tying your treadmill or elliptical. That does not have to be the case!

If you are new to the world of exercise, just start filling your life with activities that you enjoy. It could be running, playing racquetball, walking or playing soccer with your friends. Whatever keeps you moving for 60 minutes (3-4 times a week) will help you feel good and succeed.

But besides this kind of activity, it's the perfect time to do more structured training. In particular, it is important to focus on strength training and cardio, especially in the form of high intensity interval training.

Strength Training: What? Is not it better to lift weights to do bodybuilding or grow up instead of losing fat? Believe it or not, it is an essential part of a permanent weight control.

  Strength Training

"It's understandable if you're reluctant to believe that, but here it works: Muscle tissue burns more calories than fat, even when you're just watching TV," says registered dietician Susan Hewlings in Bodybuilding .com's Foundations of Fitness Nutrition video course. "The more you have, the more you can burn, it also gives you the ability to control your health and appearance in ways that are not possible with simple calorie control, and helps you develop the power and energy to which you need to total more fit activity in your life. "

The benefits do not end there. Resistance training also has profound positive effects on bones and joints and helps prevent osteoporosis (loss of bone density), sarcopenia (loss of muscle mass), and lower back pain, provided you use the right form of training. [4] [19659002] Of course, there are many different ways to approach strength training: fast or slow, high reps or low reps, a bodybuilding split, or a full body, just to name a few. There is really no wrong answer, and a lifter will go through all over the years. Researcher Jim Stoppani, however, suggests that serious consideration be given to whole-body training, especially when fat loss is your goal.

Cardio and HIIT: The word "cardio" is reminiscent of a treadmill with a top-level TV, but that's just one way to achieve it.

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) can also be a very effective way to lose weight. It's pretty easy to integrate into any fitness plan as it can be applied to a variety of settings and use different types of devices.

Another plus: The best HIIT training is often the simplest. For example, a popular introductory program is to drive hard for 30 seconds and then rest for 30 seconds. Continue in this manner for 10 minutes and build up to 20 minutes over time, with a slight warm-up and cooling of about 5 minutes at each end. Two or three short sessions like this a week along with a few exercises and you can get surprising results!

  Cardio and HIIT

If you are looking for something more systematic, the most popular weight loss programs in Bodybuilding.com All Access share a common thread: they give your lungs and your heart a challenge to calorie burning, but also result in a healthy one Body composition and muscle growth.

The 5 Most Popular Bodybuilding.com All Access Weight Loss Programs

Your Attitude

Not every day will be a great day, and you will surely notice an occasional hiccup or a low point in your diet and exercise plan , Recognize this now and accept it. However, if you focus on controlling parts and being a little bit more active, you will slowly find that these pounds decrease.

By far the most important part of implementing healthier habits in your lifestyle is improving your self-image and happiness. How you look is far from as important as you feel. Keep the positivity and you'll see the changes you want to see!

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