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What is Shilajit? I have taken this ayurvedic supplement for energy.

The mysterious Himalayan excrement I found in my local pharmacy has nothing appealing about it, but I could not resist the temptation to try it.

I rummaged in my favorite CBD and Kratom area, Hidden Hemp, when I spotted several glasses of shilajit sitting innocently behind a glass cabinet. It's called Shilajit. It's sticky like old caramel, smells like gum, looks like tar, and honestly does not taste much better. Traditionally referred to as the "destroyer of weakness," this thick adaptogenic ayurvedic resin is said to contain more than 84 minerals, support the immune system, increase energy and endurance, boost testosterone in men, and reduce the inflammatory response.

This bizarre black substance is being touted as the kind of cure that gets people like me (you guys who like to try strange shit in the name of self-discovery) all hot and molested. After devoting some shilajit to one, I devoted one to one. For a whole month, I had experienced the supposed effects of this mysterious resin. I had no special goals for my exam ̵

1; no races I had been training for or plans to lose weight or build muscle – I just wanted to see what would happen

What is Shilajit?

The supplement comes in a small glass bottle with a weirdly small spoon that measures a pea-sized portion of the material, which means that it can take months, if recorded correctly.

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As the marketers will tell you, Shilajit comes from the Himalayas – especially from the rich environment that is created by organic materials, which are in the course of time in the tectonic shifts of the earth. "These decaying plants gradually turned into humus, a rich organic matter that is food for new plant life, and finally the humus was due to the microbial Effect and enormous pressure from the weight of the mountains to a dense mineral. Shilajit, "says Calvin Bond, representative of HANAH, a company that makes products, including the upcoming Shilajit +, from Ayurvedic ingredients.

The guy in the shop is openly obsessed with Shilajit and says he's obsessed He used to take it every day before training. He tells me that I should take it every day so that it can build in my system, and claim that it would give me a crazy amount of energy.

"Shilajit has strong cognition and memory benefits," said Elizabeth Dorow, a herbalist, to me: "Research is beginning to promote Shilajit's potential for the prevention of multiple diseases, focusing primarily on the prevention of Alzheimer's disease. Disease arrives A study by the Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Biomedicine states that "Shilajit, an ayurvedic formulation, is long term suitable as a nutritional supplement for a range of conditions such as iron deficiency anemia."


Jeremy Glass

Much of the clinical research conducted on shilajit has been performed on rats, and any benefits of rat studies are often repeated in human studies. In short, further research is needed to prove the benefits of Shilaji in people like me.

But it's not just suppliers who believe in the power of Shilajit. "Bodybuilders really love it and [take it] to help with physical stamina and hypertrophy because it can alleviate fatigue," said Fiona Gilbert, biohacker and wellness advocate, one of sports physicians certified at the College of Sports Medicine, Shilajit Supplement your customers and claim they've seen the stuff first-hand.

"It was mainly on the market as a male enhancer," Gilbert continued, "but I recommend it to men and women over 35 years to help with matching their testosterone levels, overall energy, libido, mental acuity, and Adrenal Health. "

What It's Like to Take Shilajit

The first day I got my shilajit, I went home and mixed a roughly pea-sized mixture of dark matter into a glass of warm water and watched how

Anyone who has previously drank shilajit will agree that it tastes bad – actually disgusting – actually bitter, salty, smoky, and colored with an earthy odor that makes me think of it I just did not feel it on my first, second, or even third day, I dissolved the substance every morning in warm water, tried to quench everything, then … Nothing.

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Until the fourth day. (I should mention that I'm 100 percent not one of those who believe in holistic panacea and will actively prevent anyone from putting anything into his body that could supposedly make him a better athlete – especially if it's not FDA-approved, which Shilajit is not.

I took my shilajit and me I went to the gym, where I ran my fastest treadmill 5km, not only was I fast – I completely collapsed my previous record and found myself so energetic that I actually had to keep me from running so I could come to my office on time.

I definitely took Shilajit every day and almost always felt the flow of energy and excitement that I had on day 4 for the first time. I did not consider myself "smarter" of taking Shilajit, I noticed a marked increase in cognitive abilities – especially in terms of concentration. I felt calmer and more relaxed, which gave me more than enough reason to take the drug well after the end of the test month.

"Our personal experiences are fallible especially in terms of subjective health care."

"It is possible that some of the biologically active / nutritious elements in Shilajit have neurologically and / or metabolically affected you," said research analyst Examine.com Wyatt Brown told me. "In a recent human study, a dose of 500 mg / day (but not 250 mg) seemed to help maintain strength in response to tiring muscle exercises. This study was funded by a company that makes a patented Shilajit product. "

Brown further said that a few studies specifically increased testosterone levels in infertile men – but there was a caveat." Researchers can sometimes be deceitful of things that lead to a positive outcome in the hope that the company or other companies will see their benefits and finance future research, "he said.

So, a positive study coming from a company that makes everything under investigation should obviously be taken with a grain of salt. That does not automatically make them wrong – there is only great interest in showing their product in a positive light.

Possible Risks When Using Shilajit

This stuff is not FDA approved, which Dorow blames for America's inability to refer to anything other than "artificially derived and aggressive chemical compounds" focus.

Registered Nutritionist Christy Brissette, nutritionist and functional food expert, gives me helpful advice to avoid being "the guinea pig" when it comes to Shilajit. It asks people to wait for evidence before taking any supplements that they have proven.

"My primary concern with shilajit supplements is that they can contain heavy metals and other impurities," said Brissette. "In Canada, shilajit is not even sold because some of the products tested have high levels of heavy metals."

Brissette suggests that people do their homework before taking supplements and look for evidence of heavy metal testing certification for good manufacturing Practices (GMP logo) and the TruLabel program of the Natural Products Association, which also includes the random testing of supplements.

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I was impressed enough by my conviction to believe in the validity of Shilajit to continue to take the supplement – but I will use my care to ensure that what I buy is sustainably procured and does not contain anything that would rot my teeth or cause my nipples to fall off.

But my mind could me a joke Brown emphasized that our way of thinking can influence the way in which we perceive supplements to our bodies. "Our personal experiences are fallible," he said, "especially when it comes to the subjective areas (fatigue, mood, pain, etc Our thinking can influence how we feel, and when we look forward to a new preparation that we believe will enhance vitality Let's convince ourselves that it works, or that the change in mood of something new and exciting makes us feel better. "

For the record, Brown sees a potential threat when it comes to toxic metals in Shilajit and similar supplements.

"If it contains minerals and decomposed plant compounds, it could contain toxic metals," he said. "It's best to only buy from companies that are certified and regularly audited by credible independent laboratories."

As Always use care and make sure that anything you put in your body is not covered in toxic substances. Personally, the potential risks of heavy metals were worth increasing stamina and mental clarity. Does that make me Iron Man? Technically no – but in many ways it is.

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