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What is Parkrun and why does everyone love it?

Almost two million people in the UK have taken part in a parkrun since it was first launched in 2004, and few will say a bad word. Parkrun is pretty much the best example of how exercise can be for everyone and bring everyone together. If you've never done one before, we strongly suggest you correct this coming Saturday. Before you show up, you need to know the following.

What is Parkrun?

A series of free 5K races held in parks around the world, including every Saturday morning at 9:00 am 587 events in the UK. The routes are marked so you do not take the wrong turn and are timed (though you can skip this bit if you prefer), so you can see how long it took to get there and where You have placed this route time of day as well as the best time ever on the Parkrun website. However, the organizers would like to point out that despite all the characteristics of a race it is not a race. Probably, to prevent overly competitive people from ruining it for everyone else.

Each of these events is organized by volunteers, and while most are held in city parks or landscaped areas, this is not always the case ̵

1; beaches, lakes and boardwalks are among the other places needed. The surface you walk on varies as well, from paved roads to muddy trails, and there are both pancake-flat and terribly hilly parkruns. You can find your local event on the Parkrun website. Parkrun tourism, where you can find the local parkrun on the go, is also highly recommended. Outside the UK, most events take place in Australia and South Africa, but in 20 countries, from Malaysia to Swaziland.

Why is Parkrun so great?

The only thing that all events around the world have in common is community spirit is at the heart of Parkrun. You can run hard looking for a PB, or make friends with friends. It's not about competing with others. Whether it's your first 5km or the 50th, parkrun is about getting together and moving on a Saturday morning.

How does Parkrun run in my day?

Register on the Parkrun website and you will receive a barcode. Print it out and bring it with you (or buy a personalized bracelet at Parkrun). It will be scanned at the end of your race and adjusted to your finishing token, so your time will be displayed on the website. You can run without a barcode, but that means you will not have time, so do not do that.

When and where can I get my result?

The results are displayed on the event website in a website a few hours before the finish every Saturday, and you will also receive an email indicating your time and position.

How can I volunteer?

An excellent question, because Parkrun does not come without regular guests who occasionally take a Saturday off

To guide people on the course, set the route, scan bar codes, short beginners or other small jobs that are necessary for the success of the event.

To volunteer at your local Parkrun, go online to your Parkrun profile and select the event from which you want to sign up for emails in the Email Options section. You can also check the volunteer section of the local Parkrun website, or call a team on a Saturday morning and ask how you can participate.

Can kids run?

Parkrun is open to all ages. However, children under the age of 11 must travel with an adult. There are 233 locations in the UK where Junior Parkruns take place on Sunday morning. These are two kilometers long and for children aged four to 14 years.

Can wheelchair users participate?

Wheelchair users can also take part in Parkrun, although many courses are not suitable for the event you want to visit.

Can I bring my dog?

You can also walk with your dog on many park runs. Again, it is best to talk to the organizers first, and you may only have one dog – you can not tie yourself to a group of collies and let them do all the work.

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