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What is Advocare? Inside the Products & # 39; Nutrition, Ingredients & More & # 39 ;.

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Drew Brees

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No matter how much sleep he gets, my dad always has problems Low energy That may be who know him professionally, be a surprise – he is an ordained minister who organizes events and gives charismatic speeches and sermons as he walks past a pulpit, a few years ago, when a friend of a pastor came to visit out of town, my dad He eyed him and sipped a bright orange drink, he needed to know what it was, the pastor friend said it was an energy drink from AdvoCare called Spark.

My dad had to speak at church that evening The concept of a drink seduced him with the power he had always lacked, so he decided to give it a try again on the third or third butt He noticed an increase in his energy. He ordered a three-month delivery from the pastor and found that not only did Spark increase his energy, but he appreciated the taste so much that he sometimes drank two glasses in a row. The habit would eventually lead to a headache and a buzzing, alert feeling that lasted into the evening.

If you have not heard of AdvoCare you've probably heard of some company spokespersons. such as Drew Brees, former Dallas Cowboys end Jason Witten, and NASCAR driver Trevor Bayne. Brees, his cohort of professional athletes, and, surprisingly, a large network of pastors and religious leaders, such as my father's co-priest, commercializes the supplements, powders, meal replacement capsules, and capsules that AdvoCare has been marketing since 1993. 19659008] image "title =" image "class =" Lazyimage lazyload "data-src =" https://hips.hearstapps.com/hmg-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/images/gettyimages-526089730-1547072164.jpg? crop = 1.00xw: 0.775xh; 0.0 & resize = 480: * "/>

NASCAR driver Trevor Bayne

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Headquartered in Plano, Texas, AdvoCare was founded by Charles E. Ragus, who OG pyramid maker behind Herbalife and Omnitrition: A class action lawsuit was filed against AdvoCare and other multilevel distribution companies (MLMs) in 2016. The Latest: A bill called The Anti-Promotional Pyramid Scheme Act was released in July In 2017, it was designed to better demarcate a true MLM from a pyramid scheme.

Despite the dispute, AdvoCare's iconic Superfan base did not seem to bother or notice the poor public, despite controversy for AdvoCare In the past few years, the company "Physical and Financial Wellness" had more than 618,000 active accounts at the time of publication, according to Lindsay Boma r, Senior Communications Manager at AdvoCare. This does not affect all buyers who could purchase AdvoCare products through one of their multi-level sellers – MLMs make it hard to pin down these numbers due to their multi-level business model. Therefore, the actual number of users is probably much higher.

The brand sells a complete range of wellness products. Most popular, however, are Spark a supplemental powder that promises a "heightened mental focus"; Trim a weight loss program that consists of several appetizing nutritional supplements, vitamins and shakes with nutritional supplements; and protein shakes before and after training ; and Performance Elite Performance-enhancing supplements that claim to increase muscle growth, improve exercise, and help athletes recover more efficiently.

"Supplements are completely unnecessary for most people."

But in the end, despite all the promises, Advocare's products still occupy the cloudy subcategory of supplementation: Supplements: In a 2018 British Journal of Sports Medicine statement titled " IOC Consensus Statement : Dietary Supplements and the High Performance Athletes "the authors agreed, as in particular performance-enhancing supplements have not yet been sufficiently researched," decisions on the use of supplements must therefore take into account both the context of use and the protocol used. In the US, it was reported in 2015 that around 23,000 emergency medical visits were associated with the use of dietary supplements every year.

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Fans of FC Dallas are broadcasting a big advocare banner at the Toyota Stadium on April 12, 2014 in Frisco, Texas.

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Dr. Dan Benardot, an RD / LD working with Olympic athletes, says Supplements are completely unnecessary for most people. "Nevertheless, he says," Most people do not understand how to take them – most people think that if a little bit of nutrient is good for you, more needs to be better and nothing could be further from the truth. "

If their business practices are at best questionable have proven what about the product itself? "People remain stubborn loyalists for the stuff. (My own father was a regular Spark drinker for several years.) However, no definitive studies have shown that AdvoCare products are effective, and because the company's combination by users recommending product use with an overall healthier lifestyle – a balanced diet and plenty of exercise – it's hard to know if it's the supplement that does the work or whether a user would still see results.

ADVOCARE BEI WEIGHT LOSS [19659024] The AdvoCare, Trim, weight loss program is a Metabolic Nutrition System (MNS) that, according to AdvoCare, "combines an essential blend of ingredients and phytochemicals to increase energy levels and increase the body's burn ability of excess body fat. "The MNS provides" vital nutrients as well as support for a healthy weight. "The program includes three main products, each aimed at a different area: appetite suppressants, optimal nutrition and energy.

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There have been no published studies on the effectiveness of AdvoCare in weight loss or in improving athletic performance, but scientific reviews have been shown of AdvoCare ingredients are either ineffective or may have undesirable effects.

One candidate ingredient is Garcinia cambogia, a tropical fruit that is commonly found in weight loss supplements because it is believed to slow down the body's appetite and fat Lisa R. Young, nutritionist and author of "Finally Full, Finally Slim," said that taking a product containing Garcinia Cambogia may well be a potential adverse effect. " Customers say – why do I take such a nutritional supplement? If it has the potential f r the side effects are, "she said.

"It may not be good for your health, so why risk it?"

Trim products also contain crystalline fructose, green coffee extract, and sucralose – all ingredients that run counter to weight loss, Young said that crystalline fructose is one Adding extra calories to calories and excessively even gaining weight Sucralose, a non-caloric sweetener that is often marketed as good for weight loss, does not seem to have much effect on weight, according to Young, and "It may not be Good for Health So Why Risk? "

On Green Coffee Extract, Young said," Possible side effects I've read about are – insomnia, nervousness, stomach upset, nausea, increased heart rate, increased respiratory rate, headache, anxiety . "

Overall, Young is not a big fan of such products." Some of these ingredients may be harmful, and further research is needed, "she says.


The list of ingredients for AdvoCare's Energy Supplement Spark is somewhat lengthy, but the standout products include a hefty dose of caffeine (120mg) as well as copper (the exact dosage is not on the website of the product.)).

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Caffeine caution is nothing new, but despite the elimination of ephedra in their products in 2002, before the FDA had banned the ingredient AdvoCare Products like Spark are beefed up with much heartbreaking caffeine – enough that the pastor's wife, who had tied my father to the product, hastened into the emergency room and panicked because the drink believed she had a heart attack

The IOC consensus said, "The philosophy of" more is better ", when applied to caffeine, can cause side effects such as nausea, anxiety, accelerated heart rate, and insomnia that outweigh the performance benefits. Unwanted results are more common with caffeine doses ≥ 9 mg / kg body mass, however, the maximum benefit is usually achieved with a dose of 3 -6 mg / kg.

Regarding copper, Dr. Benardot, although he is unable to speak specifically with AdvoCare products, that the consumption of metal-containing supplements is dangerous. "Copper is needed in very small quantities. It has a basic function and this is part of the transfer of a protein called ceruloplasmin, which transfers iron to transferrin, which is the transport of blood into hemoglobin to produce hemoglobin for red blood cells, "he says. "What will you do if you have all the ceruloplasmin you need and you pick up copper? What should your body do with it? It is a heavy toxic metal.


Getty Images Sean Gardner

AdvoCares Director of Research and Development and Science Operations, Michael Hartman, denied that a person could possibly have enough copper in their system without the help of a supplement Based on a study by the Institute of Medicine which states: "Only 20% of the population will get the amount of copper they need through daily meals. You have to eat it from food or supplements. The copper in AdvoCare is 10% of the daily value. He added, "The big benefit of supplements is that you know exactly how much copper you have. If you only source it from food sources, you do not know how much copper you consume. "
[1 9659006] Several studies and dr. Benardot warned against the use of nutritional supplements unless recommended by a doctor for a biological deficiency. However AdvoCare did not comment on these opinions. Hartman said, "We are very proud of our products and the ingredients used. When reviewing the literature and the recommended dosage, we rely on the effectiveness of our product. … When used as intended, there is a very low safety risk. "

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