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What happened to Ben, Kelley and Nico?

In Bravo’s lower deck, subsequent spin-offs may all have beautiful yachties as they sail the seas serving the upper class elite, but no one can deny how memorable season four was.

If you don’t remember exactly what happened, here is a little catching-up process: Familiar faces from previous seasons (Kate, Ben and Kelley) returned to the high-ranking positions on the motor yacht Valor. Sparks flew between the cook and the second stew, much to the bosun’s horror. A change of deckhand happened fairly quickly after the older deckhand had said wrong things too often. Oh, and we can̵

7;t forget the boss stew’s long distance relationship with a soccer player right after she flew with the boss of the yacht before boarding.

It’s been a season of romantic gimmicks, and yet four years after it aired, fans want to know what happened to the season 4 crew. Did Ben and Emily take their romance ashore? Is Kyle still engaged? And what exactly happened to Trevor when he was thrown from the boat by Captain Lee? There are so many questions to answer and luckily we have tea for you.

Here’s some information on what happened to the cast of the fourth season of Under deck::

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Kate Chastain

The third season of the chef’s stew on the show brought galley draws and a long-distance romance. She also had Captain Lee in her corner to prove that it’s not what you know, but who you know.

As you might have guessed, Kate’s hasn’t dated her athlete in a long time. She retired from sailing – and the show – shortly after the season seven finale in February 2020.

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Emily Warburton-Adams

When the young Brit came on the show as Kate’s second stew, she never thought that both the chef and the bosun would be delighted with her. While serving guests, she found love for Ben and left the boat with a new look at romance.

She and Ben unfortunately split up after a while after filming, but she is fine. She currently lives in London, where she co-founded a catering company.

Sierra Storm

Sierra only joined the motor yacht Valor a few months after her yachting career and got off on the wrong foot with Kate after accidentally missing her flight to the Caribbean. While she was green, she definitely held her own below deck, especially when deckhand Kyle got a little hot-headed at her for not reciprocating his feelings for her.

It’s hard to tell what Sierra’s been up to since the end of the season – she doesn’t seem to have social media to give an update on. But hopefully she has worked her way up in sailing and we can see her on the show again soon!

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Ben Robinson

The OG chef of the sea, the Brit, got on the boat and tried to reconcile his feelings for Kate and the fact that she had a girlfriend after their affair turned sour. But it wasn’t long before he fell in love with Brit Emily, subtly wooed her, and finally ended up dating her at the end of the season. When he left Valor he went with a new outlook on sailing and a friend to travel the world with.

While he’s no longer dating Emily (they’re still good friends!), His Florida catering business appears to be thriving. And don’t think he’s still heartbroken – he has a new girlfriend who approves of Emily!

Kelley Johnson

When Kelley returned to the series as Bosun, he had a lot to prove to Captain Lee after his disastrous behavior in season two. Although he had a hard time keeping his deckhands (and love for second stew Emily) in line at first, he eventually proved his worth to his boss and left the boat in a much better place (both professional and personal) than it was when it started.

Kelley is another member of the Under deck fam who bit the dust and left sailing. But it’s okay because he’s now a photographer with a long-time girlfriend.

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Nico Scholly

When Nico came to Valor, he wanted to work hard and play just as hard. Nobody told him about Kate’s anger when he got into an epic blowout with her over a dirty crew mess. They eventually settled their differences, but it definitely taught Nico who was really in charge of the boat.

Nico is another cast member who left sailing – but not before he became Bosun / First Officer in the show’s fifth season. He now works in his family business in Chicago and is happily in love with his longtime girlfriend.

Lauren Burchell

As the female deckhand of the season, Lauren didn’t have much of a problem with Kelley in general. Nico, on the other hand, had her heart until he told her that he would not reciprocate her feelings towards him.

While it’s unclear whether she has quit sailing entirely, one thing is certain: she is now a holistic trainer and certified physical therapist.

Trevor Walker

Trevor made it clear how he was on deck very Early on, the crew wasn’t too thrilled that he’d drawn the senior deckhand card on almost everyone, including Kelley. After getting drunk a few times and profoundly insulting his boss for serving in the U.S. Marines, he was (thankfully) honorably dismissed by Captain Lee.

Although he became Bosun on a 150-meter yacht in the South Pacific, not much else can be found about the deckhand. Hopefully he’s calmed down a bit since his days on yacht TV.

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Kyle Dixon

When Kyle replaced Trevor as deckhand mid-season, he was first a breath of fresh air, an open book about his personal life. (His fourth season appearance was a first for the series.) While he was struggling to resolve his feelings for the third stew, Sierra (quite angry, we might add), he eventually suggested his girlfriend at home at the end of the day Season.

Although he’s no longer with his fiancé, it looks like he’s fine back home in England. Sure, he might not be on boats right now, but given his personality, there is always a chance for him to surface on Bravo again.

Captain Lee Rosbach

Whenever Captain Lee appears on the screen, the fans know that his goal is to work optimally on deck and not to embarrass the boat or him. He had a lot of moving parts to focus on during the season, especially with his deck crew. But at least he had Kate by his side and made things just one then easier to use.

It doesn’t look like Captain Lee is currently sailing a motor yacht, but he keeps his fitness (and health) in check and wears a mask while lifting some weights.

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