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What does cheese do to your body? One man’s experiment

I WAS Halfway there when I decided to write a book about cheese.

At that time, fraudulent meals were my only opportunity to actually eat cheese. For the rest of the week not even a single salty parmesan crumb crossed the mirror of my plate.

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However, on that special night – Valentine’s Day 2018 – I used my weekly hall pass to see all of the rare goodies Murray’s Cheese Shop in Manhattan had to offer as part of a romantic tasting event, and finally fell in love with a good mood.

It was clear that artisanal cheese contained more than I had ever considered and it seemed worth exploring.

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Except that I had only been on my latest fitness regimen for a few months. As a recovered obese person who has reached over 300 pounds at their maximum weight but generally stays at 200 pounds, I’m always on one regimen or another.

It’s a worn-out pattern now: find a diet and exercise plan that I can live with, cling to life during early gains, and stay on bail at some point during the inevitable plateau.

At 40, I’m still not entirely sure how someone has clothes that fit well. It seems impossible for a person to just stay the same size long enough to enjoy them.

In any case, just before my cheese epiphany, I had lost 20 pounds on a custom plan created by a fitness guru named Phil. This wasn’t a fad diet inspired by cavemen or one of those who consider carbohydrates an enemy of the state. It was a high protein plan – high in beans, tofu, and vegetables – with enough variety to convince me that this may be the time I push my way through the plateau. At least for a while.

During the time it took to sell the book, I restricted all “research” to further cheating on meals. Most of the time I only conducted interviews with cheese lights and only ate one or the other wedge when it would have been impolite to decline. I even continued to lose weight during that time, losing an additional 10 pounds over a couple of months.

American Cheese: An Indulgent odyssey through Artisan Cheese World

When the contracts were signed and my manuscript had a due date, the strange wedge wouldn’t cut it anymore. Not only did I need to know the exact taste of every cheese I learned about; I had to plan a cheese adventure course for next year that would take me around the world, some of the rarest cheese on the planet.

I’ve set a course for dairies in California, cheese festivals in Vermont and Oregon, a cheese laboratory in Wisconsin, an underground cheese cave in Paris, and a street market in the mountains of Switzerland.

It would be the food adventure of a lifetime where I would heroically maintain my diet if I didn’t necessarily have to eat cheese. Law? Law?

Despite the widely celebrated lack of carbohydrates, cheese is known to be laden with fat. However, some experts claim cheese is a perfect food. It’s high in protein, vitamin D, and good bacteria, and may even be heart-healthy.

A large selection of different French and Italian cheeses on the counter of a small shop in the Aligre Market Marche Daligre in the Bastille District of Paris, France

Alex Kozlov

Hell, there has to be a reason the French, on average, are almost as thin as they are in love with cheese. Finding out the nutritional properties of cheese while exposed to more of it than any living thing should inspire me to eat it in moderation.

A fun thing happens when you suddenly get paid to always eat the best cheese in the world. It is the instant erosion of willpower that occurs when you walk into a banquet room and see so much cheese floating table after table under the weight of so much cheese that you would swear it was an optical illusion. a magnificent, endless MC Escher trough; Dijon yellow, which fades into bakery grape, buffalo wing orange and beyond; Every new table is another perfect tableau of cubes, rectangles, lumpy blobs and flowing white pools. The taste is transcendentally nutty and buttery, with a hint of smell.

In theory, I have convinced myself that I can only eat so much successfully that I can describe such experiences in a book. In practice, however, I sucked almost every strip of milk I saw, like an escaped prisoner who stumbled upon windowsill cake.

Cheese of Glory

Manny Rodriguez

The weight I had just lost returned in a short time. The shirts I’d bought at the height of my recent loss – never a great idea – started bouncing around like an inflatable balloon in the middle.

I was still exercising as much as the fitness regimen dictated and adhering to the diet most of the time, but cheese had become a constant exception. Eating any kind of artisanal cheese – even to see how one batch of Jasper Hill’s bold, meaty Harbison differed from the next – was now viewed as “getting the job done.”

I’d spent more or less my entire life looking for socially acceptable reasons to eat too much cheese, and now I had one really solid one.

The novelty of this situation made me see things from a new perspective. For the first time, weight gain had become an intriguing side effect that meant I was good at my job. With forensic interest, I began examining the fresh stretch marks on my sides. (“In order to, This is how my body dealt with The Cheesemonger Invitational. ”)

At a certain point I decided to get everything under control and enjoy the ride. What if the monthly cheese tasting club I started felt like a movie? childhood, But to see me gain weight in real time?

I could lose weight, but I would never have an opportunity like this again where the cheese makers were only too happy to let me try extra strong batches that they kept in the basement for themselves and VIPs.

Like a vegan who eats meat while trapped on a desert island, I adjusted to cheese – and ultimately recovered 25 of the 30 pounds I had recently lost.

And while the pandemic has proven to be a challenging time to lose weight again, I don’t regret it.

After all, many men eat, but not all really live.

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