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What a woman wishes she had known at the height of her eating disorder

If you missed it, the NEDA National Consciousness Disease Week ends today. This year's theme "Come as You Are" was chosen to spread the message that body fighting and eating disorders do not look and are valid in any way.

To compliment the conversation, blogger Minna Lee wrote an Instagram title for her former self. "Although I would not wish this to anyone, I am grateful to be the person I am today, who has become stronger and has learned so much about himself because of her eating disorder," she wrote. Here, 10 things she knows now, she says, wishing she knew it at the peak of her eating disorder.

. 1
"Your appearance has nothing to do with how sick you are."

Eating disorders are mental illnesses and do not always have the same physical effects. They do not affect a particular group, which can be a damaging misunderstanding. For example, men with eating disorders have a higher risk of dying as they are often diagnosed later because people associate ED with ED according to EDA. Part of the news behind the association's "Come as you are" theme is that not everyone who suffers from an eating disorder looks the same.

. 2 "People do not see these stretch marks and dimples like you, and if so, how's that going to get worse?"

Answer: That's not true.

. 3 "You will miss out on being able to fully enjoy your services, and the luck of being able to feel that you are fine if you are not."

In an earlier Instagram post, Lee listed some of the things she had not encountered because of her eating disorder and other insecurities. She recalled things like "lunch with friends who are a vague memory because I could only be obsessed how little or how much I eat" and "stand on the podium after winning a skating competition and can not celebrate the moment, because I could. " Remember not to faint and not to have eaten all day. "

Stop loving yourself selectively by doing so My eating disorder and other insecurities robbed me of so many memories in mine Life: -Long with friends who are a blurry memory, for all I could be obsessed with was how little or how much I ate-shouldn't completely enclose myself in a hug because heaven forbids them Feel the softness above my bra straps – After winning a skating competition on the podium, could not celebrate the moment, because I could only remember not to faint because I had not eaten all day – Relationships + Intimacy that I ran away from, because who could love the ugly darkness that I have hidden deep inside of me? – trips to the beach or travel, of which I have no photos because I have always walked in front of the camera – I can Not sit and watch a movie with someone's arms around me, because a hand that rolls my stomach made me disappear. -no photos with my dad from a few holidays because I hated my way of hating. While some of them may resonate with you or not, I want you to think for a second of everything you could deprive yourself of by not embracing your now as you are. Real love, joy, intimacy, freedom, human connection, confidence, and those sweet, unbound moments all require one thing: you have to show yourself with ALL of you, not with those who show you selectively to the world. It is a practice to love you the way you are. embrace yours now. That does not happen overnight. So start practicing. Because you deserve every sweet moment and have the experience of life to offer, darling, do it for YOU too.

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] 4. "More people than you realize that you are using the same things as you

There is a possibility that more people in your life have dealt with eating disorders than you know. Many cases are hidden or undiagnosed. NEDA estimates that an estimated 30 million people in the United States suffer from eating disorders at some point in their lives.

. 5 "You do not have to qualify for an eating disorder – there are no things that are not sick enough."

Lee points out that you do not have to reach a brand to officially have an eating disorder – and this category includes more than just known disorders like anorexia and bulimia.

. 6 "No, your eating disorder and / or your body will get where you want it will not solve all your problems."

Taking a measurement or weight is not the key to happiness. Take it from this woman who has spread an important message about transformational photos.

. 7 "Fitting these pants literally makes no difference in your life, except for the fact that you fit in some pants where you really do not have to be."

The same way you need to determine what size you wear Instead of trying to hit a smaller number, it can be liberating. (Case study: Iskra Lawrence shared a compelling message about body dysmorphism and disturbed food.)

8. "When food or exercise feels like a reward or punishment, it's time to take care of your mind."

In another Instagram post, Lee shared that the process of changing the way she approached food was neither quick nor easy or finite. "It took 13 years for my ED to get to this place, 13 years of pain, hopelessness, a lot of darkness, therapy and pure hard work to get here," she wrote. (See also: I had to give up Bikram Yoga to recover from my eating disorder)

I have a shoot on Monday that for a really exciting project. When I learned about this project about a month ago, I was like a great, a bit more motivation to really stay up to date, because I have two days after my trip to Europe and I just want to be especially good in feel my skin. And although I've been decent overall in my game, I did not stick to it and for a brief moment did not bother missing planned workouts. I had not planned that, but I had drinks every night on this trip to LA, an amazing grass-fed burger with chips and this morning airport bacon. that's me yesterday after much of it. what did I realize? I do not really need the other stuff anymore to feel good in my skin. This feeling has much more to do with my state of mental health than with external things related to the external. Here's the kicker: It took me 13 years since my ED started to really get to this place. 13 years of pain, hopelessness, a lot of darkness, therapy and pure hard work WORK to come here. and it is not a definitive goal to get to where you are infallible. Of course, I still have many moments in which I doubt myself, are insecure and not great. But the stability in my worth, my general confidence and comfort are something I have now that I've never had before. For anyone who still wants to feel like an impossible place for themselves, I'm telling you that it's not – it just takes a lot of patience, compassion for yourself and the willingness to make yourself ugly to get the job done and time to heal these scars, but I believe in you. because you are more than capable of coming here too. —– took this to my @ samsungmobile touch 9 – come with me to my healthy vacation event in the @ samsung837 room on Monday! RSVP link in stories.

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9. "You deserve to feel absolutely happy in your own skin – but to be neutral yourself is absolute freedom from your location, so start there."

Lee says she would assure her former self that every step in the right direction is progress.

10th "You do not have to be down to seek help."

And, above all, Lee points out that everyone should feel comfortable when it comes to prioritizing their well-being, no matter where their mindset or physical Health stand. 19659002] If you or someone you know is struggling with an eating disorder, NEDA's toll-free, confidential hotline (800-931-2237) can help.

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