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Weight Loss Tips: Is Morning the Best Time to Exercise?

  Weight Loss Tips: Is the morning the best time to workout?

Weight Loss Tips: As you lose weight, you need to focus on the time of your workout. The right time for the training can lead to better results. Read here to find out what the recent study on exercise time points has explained with

Weight Loss Tips: Weight loss is a nightmare for several people, as they really try to stay fit and in shape , For example, some people sacrifice their favorite food while others go to the gym three times a day. But weight loss is not that difficult if you get the right guidance from your healthcare professional. One thing that needs to be understood is your body type and metabolism. Metabolism is a factor that leads to weight gain and loss. You can get help from your doctor or nutritionist to understand your metabolism. The next step is to find the right diet and exercise.


Physical activity helps you to burn fat and calories, which leads to weight loss. However, many are unaware that the right exercise at the right time is important for your weight loss.

According to recent research, the timing of your physical activity also helps you lose weight. The study looked at more than 350 adults who wanted to lose weight. The members were engaged in moderate to intensive exercises. However, the timing of all members was noted, and the result was: training was most common in the early morning.

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The results of the research were written in the Journal of Obesity. However, the study concluded that a given time window for training provides much better results than an inconsistent one. According to the investigations, a person on

  • morning
  • afternoon
  • evening

perform physical activity, but there should be a coherent timing of exercise lifestyle: 64% of Indians say that they do not train

Things to Remember

Weight loss can not be done in a few weeks. But you will see the results after some time. The right exercise can help you to lose those extra kilograms in no time. Here are two weight loss exercises that can help you reduce your fat.

Jogging for Miles

Jogging is another way of jumping that supports your body and muscles in movement. Jogging is considered a complete workout for your human body. Just activate your muscles, push yourself out of bed and run for rest. Jogging is possible at any time, but take some time in the morning to get the best results and energy.

Squatting for a while

Squatting or squatting is a familiar exercise for a perfect butt. The squat is done by bending the knees and lowering the body. This exercise helps reduce thigh fat. The best part is that you can do this exercise at home. It can be performed in sets such as

  • 2 sets of 25 squats
  • 3 sets of 15 squats

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Written by Tavishi Dogra

Source: Onlymyhealth editors 05. July 2019

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