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Watch this woman do 200 pushups a day for a month

Nutty Foodie Fitness YouTube

After the widespread closure of gyms due to the pandemic, YouTuber Stephanie Joshi, also known as Nutty Foodie Fitness, didn't do what many other fitness influencers did and immediately turned to home training. She explains that her motivation for the training came from the joy she had when she went to the gym. Lifting weights in her house would not give her the same rush, so she gave up her workout altogether.

"Personally, I wasn't excited to do bodyweight exercises at home," says Joshi. "I know that of course you have to get along with what you have, but at the same time I felt that this would be a great opportunity to simply try something new that I would never have tried otherwise." [19659004] Joshi aware that she may not be the only one feeling insecure about such a sudden lack of routine, and decided to let her subscribers make suggestions for a new challenge to herself Finally, the idea of ​​doing 200 pushups a few times a day as their only form of exercise for a whole month.

Of course Joshi starts with an already taut body that includes visibly shredded abdominal muscles and some decent arm gains. So this will not necessarily be a dramatic transformation. However, she admits that she doesn't exercise her upper body regularly and is curious to see what effects 6,000 pushups will have over the course of 30 days.

"I'm already wondering why I chose this challenge," she says after 25 repetitions on the first day and then breaks down the 200 pushups into sets of 25, which she does in pieces all day long. "It gets more difficult with every sentence," she says on day 3. "My arms are already feeling tired."

She continues on with the challenge and starts seeing some visible bicep gains around day 18, but cumulative fatigue makes it harder to finish all 200 reps a day as the challenge progresses.

"Sorry I didn't become a professional," Joshi says after every 30 days. "I had all these dreams of doing maybe 100 pushups in one session. Clearly not."

However, she adds that in addition to her arm gains, helped her to maintain her body, even if she did no other exercises, and to nibble consistently during quarantine.

"Profits are not lost overnight, it's okay to relax a bit," she says. "Bigger things are going on at the moment. And if training isn't at the top of your priority list, that's fine."

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