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Watch this guy try TikTok’s viral ‘Magic Pushup’

In his latest fitness challenge video, YouTuber Stan Browney records a supposedly impossible “magical push-up” that he saw on TikTok.

Here’s how it works: You place a pole or pole horizontally on a step or ledge just above the ground so that one end is propped up and the other is pointing in thin air. Then, using a mixture of push and pull force, do a push-up at the same time while holding the bar in place.

Browney divides the challenge into two steps. First, he does a stick push-up while holding one end on the floor. “I think it’s actually very easy,”

; he says, completing his rep with a broomstick. “It’s easier than a one-arm push-up.”

Next, he tries the full version of the magical push-up and places the bar on a ledge. “I’m actually a little scared,” says Browney. “It’s actually going to be quite difficult. I was wrong.” And it’s true; He has extreme difficulty in holding the bar steady enough in his hands to move his weight.

In the end, he has to straighten his foot to the side for added stability, which makes the entire exercise look significantly “less magical”. However, he is not satisfied with his form until he can do the push-up with his feet in a normal push-up position. “It’s definitely not impossible,” he says.

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Browney then adds new dimensions to the magical pushup challenge. He changes position so that his feet hold the bar in place while his hands are on the floor and support the weight of his body. He then adds another beam to the mix, plus another ledge on the opposite side so that each beam is supported at one end.

Finally, he tries a push-up while standing completely off the floor, carrying his weight over his hands and feet on four upright weight plates. We’ll have to wait and see if The becomes the next viral pushup challenge.

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