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Watch strongman Hafthor Bjornsson Spar with a pro boxer

Former World’s Strongest Man Winner Hafthor Bjornsson just posted an update on his training as he continues his journey from the world of strongman events to the boxing ring.

Known to fans as “The Mountain”, a nickname he received thanks to his role in “The Mountain” game of Thrones and what he kept because of his huge 450-pound frame, Björnsson officially announced his retirement from the strongman competition in August of that year. He’s just about to lean down and work on building speed and stamina on top of his brute strength, in anticipation of his long-awaited grudge game with rival Eddie Hall.

“I train four times a week in the morning and six times a week in the afternoon,”

; he says. “I can feel my stamina increasing, which is good. I played four rounds and three minutes this morning and what is great is that my opponent was more tired than me.”

After his morning sparring, Thor goes to the gym with his trainer for shadowboxing exercises and then steps into the ring for some more sparring – this time with professional boxer Colin. If you do seven laps with a professional, the mountain will be red and breathless.

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“Training with Colin is absolutely amazing, he has a lot of boxing experience and it is very good for me to train with him,” he said after the session. “I just want to show you the progress. I have a great team around me that helps me. I’m super super grateful for the guys who are ready to show up every day to help me. Without these guys I wouldn’t. ” see this progress i am seeing right now. “

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