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Watch: Olympic Lifter struggles to complete 507-pound clean and jerk

Imagine being in the middle of a lift, say clean and jerky, and you find that you have either gained too much weight or that your shape is a little different. What would you do?

Most people would probably just drop the barbell and start over. But if you're the Russian powerlifter Chingiz Mogushkov, be sure to save the elevator no matter what. [194559006]

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2019, 13:06 PDT

You can see right away that something is wrong. As the lifter starts cleaning, the barbell starts to wobble. It looks like he was trying to change shape at the start of the cleaning, or maybe his stance was not right. When Mogushkov stands up, it looks like he's dropping the weight to one side, but miraculously he shifts his body to level it before lifting the dumbbell over his head.

The Russian receives a rousing applause for his efforts. and rightly so. Of course, the guy did not notice he dropped the weight a few inches after losing his toes.

We do not believe this has to be said, but please do not ] try this at home. Mogushkov, 33, is an Olympic pro with years of experience and national records. If you are ever in this situation, just drop the weights as carefully as possible (watch your feet!). Attempting to shift your body or readjust your grip during exercise can cause serious injury.

It is no shame to admit that you are confused, and mistakes only serve to teach us to be better. The awards of your fitness brothers or Instagram followers are not worth the risk.

Need tips on how to do the cleaning and jerking? We have some.


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