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Warby Parker launches spray to keep foggy glasses off the face mask

  • Warby Parker launched a Clean My Glasses kit with an anti-fog spray.
  • The anti-fog spray prevents foggy glasses when wearing a face mask.
  • The kit is available online and in select Warby Parker stores.

    Wearing a face mask is one of the most effective things you can do to protect yourself and others from the spread of COVID-19. But when you wear glasses you know the frustration of foggy glasses all too well.

    Well, Warby Parker is here to solve that problem. The trendy eyewear retailer recently launched its own anti-fog spray ̵

    1; and it looks like a game changer. The spray comes with a microfiber cloth and lens pouch in the Clean My Lenses kit for just $ 15.

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    Warby Parker

    Clean the My Lenses Kit with an anti-fog spray

    How does it work? When you wear a face covering, the warm air from your breath that is trapped in the mask escapes from the small openings near the nose and cheek area. When the warm air rises, it touches the cooler glasses and causes the annoying fog effect (and the constant wiping afterwards).

    To avoid this problem, the company states that the anti-fog spray offers a “solution” [that] absorbs the droplets that accumulate on the surface of the lenses and prevents them from becoming visible as mist. “

    The spray is safe to use on different types of lenses, including transitional and treated options. It can also be sprayed on both sides of the lens to prevent thorough cleaning and fogging. Simply spray and wipe with the accompanying cloth (daily if necessary) before going out the door. “This spray won’t damage a lens and our one-year warranty against scratches still applies,” the brand confirmed on Instagram.

    You can find the kit online and in select Warby Parker stores.

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