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Virtual races are a good reason to run

Given the speed at which VR technology evolves, participating in a virtual race invokes strapping on a headset and staring at the stars or at least some of the most luxurious places on earth for your run.

In truth, virtual races are not that exciting, but they are still a great way to motivate yourself. You log in online for a race and then place a specified route where and when you want and upload a proof of results along with your results. Paying for this may seem odd, but virtual running has benefits.

First, you usually get a medal, which is nice. Then you have the opportunity to run in your own neck at any time. They are also often for good causes and you still have the motivation to attend an event that can even take you off the couch from afar on the street. Here are a few virtual options that you should consider.

Run with the ancestors

The British Science Association may not be the first thought when looking for a virtual run, but the format is more or less nailed. To celebrate British Science Week, the Run to the Deep race was launched last year, during which you were led on a journey to the bottom of the sea during a 1

0-kilometer round. This year's event will take you through the history of Britain, which has spanned the last 500,000 years if you choose the 5K and a million years when tackling 10K. You can sign up for the free event anytime by the end of British Science Week on March 17th. Once you're signed in, just run your race and track it with the affiliate app to upload it to the global leaderboard. You can also pay to get goods like an event medal if you want to commemorate your journey through the British past.

Register | Free

Zombies, running! Train To Oban

No one makes a story better than zombies, Run! The popular app now has over 200 missions to try to avoid the undead during your runs. The people behind the app also regularly host virtual events where the medal is as good as the stand-alone adventure that you will be watching during the run. The latest of these is Train To Oban, which takes you on the first journey of the Oban Express, the fastest train in the world. Unfortunately, another passenger carries the zombie virus. So you have to find a way to survive the journey unscathed …

$ 30 (about £ 23)

POW Virtual Running London #RejectRunner

Were you one of the hundreds of thousands of people who have beaten in the London Marathon ballot? Are you still running 42.2km in April? Then sign up for this virtual event, especially for those who were not lucky in the ballot. You can run the marathon several times in April to earn your medal, or in one go on Sunday, the 29th, when the London Marathon takes place.

London #RejectRunner is one of many events hosted by POW Virtual Running 2019, along with many others involved in movies and TV shows, so if you're looking for a special medal "Run You Fools" or "Escape The Upside Down" then this is the place for you.

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Virtual Runner UK

This site offers a huge range of races, from 5km to complete on a given day, to over one year of kilometer challenges. so that you can combine short-term motivation while working towards a long-term goal. The medals are also quite impressive, and a percentage of the money you pay to take part in each race goes to charities supporting a variety of reasons. There are so many race themes and perspectives that everyone should find something to arouse their interest. However, if you are looking for a referral, we like the look of the space medal for the International Space Challenge, which runs from the first to the last race, May 12, and you just have to travel as many miles as possible to climb the virtual leaderboard.

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