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Video: Man With No Arms lands a 20-inch box jump

Are you having a bad day? Is the work stacking up? Have you betrayed your diet and now feel guilty? Shut up for a minute and watch the 20-year-old master a boxing jump.

The young man is named ESPN Tim and is a participant in the NubAbility Athletics Foundation, a nonprofit organization that inspires congenital and traumatic amputees through sports. As you can see in the video below, Tim does not have arms that are big riders when making a box jump. This means that he only has to rely on his legs to jump nearly two feet ̵

1; which is no easy task.

You notice that Tim is nervous. He tries a few times to get his feet on the crate, but is obviously upset. As the video continues, Tim's friends at NubAbility keep cheering us on, which in turn makes us jump to hell. When he finally makes the leap, everyone around him explodes with excitement.

This video is a joyous reminder that there is always someone more difficult than you. No matter which obstacle gets in your way, you can jump over it at any time.


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