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Uzoma Obilor's classic weapon training

He has not been on the stage for long, but the 23-year-old Uzoma Obilor has already built an impressive following – and not by chance some crazy weapons. This IFBB Classic Physique professional follows an old-school approach to building his upper body, which can help anyone, regardless of their age, to get an incredible pump and is confident that it will lead to lasting profits.

Obilor starts exercising with triceps and then switches between to and tris, which is a good way to give a muscle group a quick rest and recovery before another killer sets in. His training does not include movements that are strange or unusual. Why? Oldies are generally good at weapons ̵

1; as long as you do them with focus, intensity, and some perfectly selected drops.

Just because it's a strict "arm day" does not mean you miss out on compound movements. A lift like the tight-grip bench press is a killer on all three heads of the tricep, and it's a two-on-one lift because you have a little more pec work in it.

For arms almost the size of bowling balls, high-volume sets are your friend. Just be ready to hate your friend while you endure the fire!

Uzoma Obilor's arm training


Barbell bench press with a tight grip

Note: Add weight with each set and finish with a double or triple dropset after the last set.

3 sets, 12-15 repetitions


Barbell triceps extension with one arm

Note: Add weight with each set and finish with a single drop set after the last set.

4 sets, 8-12 repetitions


Sitting dumbbell curl

Note: Each sentence is weighted.

4 sets, 15 repetitions


EZ-Bar Curl

Note: Add weight with each set and finish with a double or triple dropset after the last set.

3 sets, 6-12 repetitions


Cable hammer curling – rope attachment

4 sets, 10-15 repetitions


Standing dumbbell turn-lock

Note: Sit or stand. Finish the test with a single or double Dropset after the last sentence.

4 sets, 6-12 repetitions

Technique tips

Bench press with close grip

Obilor loves to start his arm day with a classic mass training. Building exercise. Challenge yourself to increase the weight with each set and at the same time reduce the repetitions from about 15 to a very hard value. 12. If you are practicing benches with a tight grip, the best way to find out where your hands should be is to stretch them straight ahead of you, in line with your shoulders. This largely depends on where your regular grip is normally, but do not go any closer than this. He finishes with a triple dropset, slowly drops the weight and repeats it, with no break in between. Try it, if you dare!

  He ends up with a triple drop set, slowly letting the weight fall and sweeping it out, with no break in between. Try it if you dare!

One-arm Triceps Extension with Barbell

The advantage of one-armed triceps extension lies in the name itself: you can focus on just one arm at a time and feel how the muscles stretch and contract with each rep. Obilor says this simple change helps to "really kill it", getting a little heavier and really giving the triceps a reason to go crazy. He's doing this one pyramid style, increasing the weight with each set, and then adding drop sets for extra ordeal that will ignite your tris.

Seated Alternate Dumbbell Roll

Now we shift the aisles to pay attention to the biceps. With seated curls you can eliminate any impulse in your body that helps you with the concentric part, which makes the curls a little harder – especially as you gain weight with each set! If you cheat your lifts, you're just cheating on yourself. Let's see if you can handle the same weight you would normally do with standing dumbbells. There are no drop sets here, but with each set more and more dumbbells are pushed. As Kris Gethin says, imagine how your bicep works with each repetition.

EZ-Bar Curl

Just when you thought your biceps might explode, we'll move their boundaries a bit further. Obilor retains the same weight for his sets if he feels he's heavy enough to compromise his form. Stay intense, but stay smart in the gym too. And of course, this time back to Dropsets. Unleash the ugly face without shame!

Superset: Rope Tricep's Pressdown and Straight-Bar Triceps Pressdown

There's nothing like finishing a triceps beating with pressdown supersets. Like James Hollingshead of Kaged Muscle, Obilor uses the rope to ensure that it contracts completely down and out, while the straight bar hits the head of the triceps rigidly and yet effectively. With both movements, keep your shoulders down and back so that the deltoids do not take control.

Cable Hammer Curl

To confuse the angles in which he inflates his biceps, Obilor throws in some dumbbell hammer curls. He says that one should not think so much about counting repetitions but focus on forcing, contracting, and stretching the muscle until it reaches its full capacity. He uses a cable attachment in a video workout, but he can also use an EZ stick or a straight stick if you find one or the other more effective. There are the inverted curls that Obilor points out that most people tend to use to forget. The forearm gains are real here, but the biceps are obviously not left out. He builds up 3 sentences and ends with a double dropset. Note that in the video he had his lighter dumbbells right next to him so he could quickly switch from his heavier sets to the drop sets without skipping a beat. Do not pause here! End your workout with strength and exit the gym while feeling swollen.

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