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Using the Power Plate to improve your workout

There's probably a Power Plate in your gym that you've probably never used. Standing in the corner of the weight room, these machines are just waiting for someone to jump on board and experience the benefits of vibrating your workout.

These benefits are significant and whether you want to warm up for your workout, increase the difficulty of the workout itself or help your body recover afterwards. The Power Plate can help. We asked Steve Powell, head of education at Power Plate, and Claire Finlay, founder of the Transition Zone and Power Plate expert, to explain how it works.

What is a Power Plate and what advantages does it offer?

"It's a form of vibration training," says Finlay. "The vibration travels through the muscles. It relaxes and tightens muscles so you get muscle fatigue much faster while working on the Power Plate. If you make a board, you can hold it for maybe 30, 40 seconds, but if you do it on a power plate, you'll get tired much faster.

"It was invented by [vibration training] Russian cosmonauts. In space, you need to do about six to eight hours of strength training to keep muscle mass in weightlessness. They found that using a vibrating platform halved their training time. "

" The evidence-based benefits of whole-body vibration (WBV) are a reduction in pain, an increase in strength and flexibility, and an increased metabolic demand. "Says Powell. "It can also reduce swelling and sore muscles and promote faster recovery between workouts and injuries."

What kind of training can you use the Power Plate for?

It's easy to use the Power Plate – just put a part of your body on it and turn it on. You will find exercises that you normally do on the floor, such as squats or plank, which are suddenly much more difficult. However, this is far from the only way to use the Power Plate.

"You can use them to warm up before you run or lift weights," Powell says, combined with medicine balls, combat ropes, or even suspension training.

"Vibration can also be used to promote recovery and recovery in minutes after a workout. Not only does the massage bring about the physiological benefits of blood circulation, improved lymphatic drainage and reduced muscle soreness, it also feels amazing and is a great way to relax the nervous system. "

How do I know what to do? [19659004] Many Power Plates have a touchscreen that guides you through various sessions. Check out the free app on the App Store and Google Play to familiarize yourself with a workout before a workout. It contains a number of resources that you can use effectively with the device, including introductory videos, courses, and general training tips.

Demand, "says Powell. "If you want to do a five-minute, race-specific warm-up, read the coaching tips. We'll walk you through each component step by step, with short clips of each exercise and recommended settings. "

What performance setting should be used? Use?

If you're using the Power Plate app, you'll learn about the best setting for your workout. If not, it is important not to overdo it with shaking.

"For training, you can set the speed at which the plates vibrate from 30 to 40, and then there is a high and a low," says Finlay. "Usually it's low at 35. The reason why Power Plate is usually a shorter session is that constantly turning your muscles on and off is so exhausting – putting it down to 50 is just a waste of time – it's too much It is used only for massage in this higher setting. "

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