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Using Monstersets Strength training for muscle growth

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This is your quick training tip – a chance to learn How to work smarter in a few moments to help you directly with your workout

Exercise volume plays a crucial role in muscle growth, and the number of hard phrases you perform per muscle per week has a direct impact on how much it grows – and if you are aiming to increase in size According to research, at least 10 sets of upper body muscles and up to 30 sets per week should be performed on lower body muscles and up to 45 sets per week on upper body muscles.

How can you achieve these levels without doubling your exercise time? Monster Sets.

A monster set, also known as a compound set, performs two exercises on the same muscle , Back to back without a break. If you think this sounds like a superset, you're right – but a superset combines exercises for opposing muscle groups, which means you give one the chance to recover while the other works. This optimizes exercise time without compromising performance and naturally restores your routine. The goal of a monster set is more awkward; it does not give the target muscle group a quarter and beats them with two exercises in a row without pausing to overcome the point of fatigue.

This brutal lifting strategy has two main advantages. First, increase your weekly workload, especially if you usually use only straight sets (ie, consecutive sets of the same exercise) in your workouts. Equally important is that monster sets can extend the time of each muscle under tension and optimize another major growth stimulus. Need a third reason? You will look like a beast. Nothing is so bad as to knock out a dumbbell right after crushing a heavy set of barbell bench presses.

Just be careful not to overdo it, and every single weight room session is not based on monster sets. The increased volume can be a blessing for muscle growth, but in that case too much good can also increase the risk of overtraining. And if your goal is to work with really heavy weights, you'll need to spend more rest and recovery between sets to increase your PR performance.

Your move: Every pair of exercises that targets the same muscle works. An EZ-Bar Curl with Hammer Curl, a pull-up with a row, a squat with a lunge or a dip with a triceps extension are all good pairings of monster sets.

However, if possible, try to combine a composite motion with an isolation exercise such as: B. a deadlift with a leg flexion or, as mentioned above, a barbell bench press with a dumbbell fly. The first movement (composed of several joints) loads the muscle with maximum weight, while the second exercise (isolated, with a joint) depletes it by forcing it to work largely alone. You probably need to reduce the weight that you normally use for the second exercise. However, as long as you are asked to complete all repetitions and sentences, optimize your profits.

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