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Use of metal chains to build stronger and faster elevators

Check out the weightlifting in the gym and find a bunch of metal chains. They are a tool normally used by power lifts, but chains are a great way to break through a plateau of the main lifts: bench presses, squats and deadlifts.

Imagine a deadlift, with a chain in the center of the dumbbell between its weight plates. At the beginning of the lift (when you lift the barbell off the ground for the first time), most of the chain rests on the ground. But if you pull up the bar, the chain will also start up and increase continuously.

This is important because for many people it's the hardest point Lifting is the beginning when you first try to get the weight moving. This is especially true if you are working on a maximum of one repetition. With a chain, you can start the bar at the beginning and then exclude a higher weight at the top.

The other advantage is that a chain creates instability. Unlike plates that strain a dumbbell with absolute symmetry, a chain can not be perfectly balanced. This forces other muscle groups to attack and fire, especially the core and even smaller muscles in the ankles and calves.

At deadlift, there is a chain in the middle of the bar; For bench presses and squats a chain is attached at each end. Start the light as with any new tool. The chains should be 10 and 15 percent of the total weight, including dumbbell and weight plates. The weight of the chains may not be labeled, but you can use or use the fitness machine's scale.

Try to work on the main lifts once a week. Use chains as part of your workout for a week a month and treat them as accessories.

There is another advantage that you should not overlook: they look pretty bad.

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