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Use body weight and one-sided load to blow up your chest

Can you build a superhero body weight box?

This is a relevant question for anyone who does not have access to a weight room. If you exercise regularly in the gym, bench presses, flies, and barbell movements are likely to be firmly anchored in your chest workout, and that's because they're such great pec builders. Whether you're mixing heavy weights or high reps, doing these moves correctly almost always drives a great breast pump.

But that doesn't mean that you can't pump your pectoral muscles out of the gym ̵

1; and this is where this training comes in. Ideally, you train at home or on the go in your hotel room. You still want to be able to train hard and you want to be able to continue your gains. And if you're chasing a bigger breast size, it means you're doing more than a few sets of basic pushups.

Here's the thing with standard body weight exercises: they are great up to a point. In order to really increase your muscles and strength, at some point during your training trip you have to "overload" a muscle and lift more than it is comfortable or easy. When you start doing pushups, they are heavy, but after a while they become easy. Pace and impulses can increase the challenge, but do they really overload your body?

Fortunately, you can overload your body with creative push-ups that attack and strain your chest from multiple angles. And that means that even if you can put a house on a bench, you can build your breast with only body weight.

How To Push Your Body Weight Chest

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There are two main principles you can use to attack your chest with bare body weight, and both work, because they & # 39; You are essentially challenging your chest to lift more than a normal push-up.


Always keep in mind that it is more difficult than a normal flat bench press to touch the chest with the bar when you are inclined bench press. There is a reason for that. The incline forces you to open your upper arm angle relative to your trunk position. Overall, this means that the bar must travel a greater distance from the chest to the extended arm position. With rejection presses, the bar moves a smaller distance.

By opening the upper arm angle, the chest and triceps are forced to "push up" for longer during the bench press. Of course, this also works with pushups. So if you can create a more open angle, your push-up becomes more difficult. How do you do that with a push-up? Raise your feet with a box or chair at home.

One-sided loading

Why are one-armed pushups so brutal? Because you push up most of your body weight with one arm and essentially almost double the load you move with that arm. You also have to deal with balance challenges from the offset loading setup, which are also perfect for building core strength.

That doesn't mean you have to do one-armed pushups to take advantage of one-sided charging. Archer pushups and post pushups, two favorites by fitness director Ebenezer Samuel, C.S.C.S., also offer the same benefits.


Now that you know you have weapons for weight-only breast training, you're ready to attack. You can do this workout up to three days a week and rest at least one day between each session. You will only use body weight here, but you will push yourself. On days when you don't do this workout, you want to exercise your back, do pull-ups, pull-ups, and rows of dumbbells, or squat and lunges for your legs.

Do the exercises in sequence. Complete all sentences in each exercise before proceeding to the next.

Post-Pushup Dropset

Do 4 sets of this dropset per side, focusing on keeping your hips and shoulders fully on the floor (yes, that means your abs are starting up too).

Pushhew Terror for Typewriter Terror

Complete three sets of this typewriter pushup challenge, train your chest to control your body across the room, and accumulate time under tension.

Mixed-style pushup with a tight grip

Now shift your gears and attack your triceps while rocking your chest with the mixed-style pushup with a tight grip. Concentrate on keeping your elbows close to your body. They will create an external rotation on the shoulder and good pressure on the chest. Do 3 sets and aim for 5 to 6 reps.

Archer Pushup

Do 2 sets per side of Archer Pushups and end the workout by unilaterally challenging your chest one last time. Try to keep the repetitions high and chase 12 to 15 repetitions per set.

Bonus: Pushup countup for triple position switches

Do you have any extra pep? Try 1 set per page of this malicious pushup challenge. Or leave this challenge for another day; it is intense.

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