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Unexpected everyday objects full of germs

They try to avoid contact with germs as much as possible. If you think that germs lurk only in your bathroom and toilet then you are wrong. There are some hidden places where there are many germs, but that is completely unknown to you. Some everyday objects serve as a breeding ground for bacteria and germs. Here are some top articles that are loaded with germs and also know how to get rid of germs from them.


A handbag is considered one of the dirtiest items we use every day. The handles are dirtier than the floor. You touch your handbag several times a day, making you more susceptible to germs. You must disinfect your handbag regularly by cleaning it with antibacterial wipes. Even if you use a public washroom, you should not just keep your purse like that. First lay tissue paper and then the bag on handkerchiefs. You can also clean your hands with a disinfectant after storing your handbag.

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Mobile Phones

They touch your mobile phone countless times a day, but you know it knows they're also loaded with germs. You have to clean your phone every day. Because they are practical, it is easy to clean them everywhere. Just take a few towels and clean your smartphone daily. For the screen, you can use cloths specially designed for cleaning gadget screens. Do not take your phone with you when going to the toilet to prevent germs from being deposited.

Kitchen sponge

Sponges can be used for cleaning, but they are the cause of bacteria. If you clean everything with kitchen sponges, the germs accumulate easily. To stop the spread of germs from kitchen sponges, you should then change regularly. You can also clean them in boiling water at the end of the day.

Washing machine

A washing machine is another unusual place where you can find many germs and bacteria. The washing machine cleans all the dirt from your clothes, but leads to the accumulation of germs. If you leave wet laundry in it, it becomes an ideal environment where bacteria can grow and multiply. If there are germs in your washing machine, there is a greater chance that it will spread in clothing. If you want to avoid germ growth in your washing machine, clean your machine after washing the laundry. You should also wash your clothes in warm water to stop the bacteria from growing.

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Restaurant Menus

Restaurant menus are touched thousands of times by different people. Public bodies are full of germs. To prevent the spread of germs through the menus of the restaurant, the restaurant owner should regularly disinfect the menus. While you are holding the menu before eating, you should also clean your hands after holding the menu to stop the direct transmission of germs to your mouth.


You may not know, but your toothbrush is also full of germs. If you leave your toothbrush wet after brushing your teeth, it creates a healthy environment for the development of the bacteria. In addition, your brush comes into contact with bacteria. After use, wipe your brush and store in a closed cupboard to avoid accumulation of germs.

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