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Try this Freeletics workout to see if the fitness app is right for you

If you want to keep your workout simple, but still want to make it punishable, the Freeletics app is for you. While the app’s training offerings include many options for beginners and advanced, there are also some wild sessions that challenge even the fittest while using only a handful of bodyweight exercises.

The reason for this is the high number of repetitions for each movement, which is illustrated by the following Dione training. If you’re used to working in sets of five or ten repetitions or 45-second work blocks in time, this is a big step up, especially since you do three laps on the track and only rest when you absolutely have to – there are no planned breaks. Of course, we strongly recommend that you rest when your shape stalls.

Of course, you can either reduce the number of rounds or the number of repetitions to suit your skills. Regardless of whether you complete one, two or three rounds, this video with Freeletics trainer Vanessa will help you to motivate you. Maybe you are not trying to achieve Vanessa̵

7;s incredible pace for every exercise.

Freeletics Dione Workout

Do three of the following rounds, rest as needed, but try to do all reps as soon as possible.

1 jumping jacks

Representative 75

Stand on the back of your head with your hands. Jump your legs aside and at the same time bring your hands down to hit your thighs. Then jump back to the starting position.

2 burpee from chest to floor

Representative 25th

Let your hands drop from the floor to the floor, then jump back to a push-up position. Lower your chest to touch the ground, push it up again, jump forward with your feet to your hands, get up and jump up, and raise your hands above your head.

3 leg raises

Representative 50

Lie with your legs together on your back and stretch them out. Keep them straight, raise your legs until they face the ceiling, and then bring them back under control.

4 jumping jacks

Representative 75

5 sit-up

Representative 50

Lie on your back with your knees bent and your feet planted. With your arms outstretched, use your abs to lift your shoulders and head off the floor, and sit up so that your hands are between your knees and feet and then come back down.

6 Burpee from chest to floor

Representative 25th

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